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  • well THANKYOU for speaking to me, *huffs* next time you best acknowledge yourself, or ill be upset! was a FAB eve, i never meant to be dead centre, but it was better than standing next to a certain person. and wasnt the sign taking FABULOUS!! im on such a high, last night was ROUGH got kicked in head a bit to0 often for my liking by surfers... and then Moz gives them handshakes it annoys me!
    Hi, dont think im ever gunna be the same again after last night!!! havnt slept much!! i finally gave something back to moz after 25 years of him giving hope to me.gotta raid piggybank, must see him again this tour!!! xx
    yes! "my secret friend" and "the great shipwreck of life" are my favs! i hope you get to see him sometime soon!! :)
    Hi Tom! hope you like the album, I'm sure you will!! :guitar: let me know what you think! :thumb: yes, I do live near Philly, but the Jersey side. I've heard of Wayne, but don't believe I've ever been there, its somewhere on the PA side of the Philly suburbs, but yes, not tooo far from me. :)
    oh! and that sux you can't see him!! hopefully he'll come to your area again. I seriously can't wait. gonna pee mah pants!
    try here. I got it from somewhere else but it asked for a password and i totally forget what it is. anyway, if that doesnt work, i could just send you it myself. i feel a little bad though cuz Chris wrote this reprimanding blog on IAMX's myspace, but...but...i just couldnt help myself!! i'll buy it too. haha.

    I'm good. all my Moz shows are over, boo :( but I'm seeing the Faint/Ladytron on Monday and of course IAMX in June!! let me know what you think of the album!! :thumb:

    oh do you have a facebooky?? add me!
    hey you!! the new IAMX album leaked!! you want the info or you gonna be a good boy and wait? i couldn't wait, I'm listening now and its AMAZING. :D;) just sayin. can't wait til June 4th!!! :guitar:
    Scotland is nice, well what I've seen of it. which wasn't much to be honest.
    I guess you'll want to see Salford Lads Club?
    well, if i do "Hadrian's Wall" i guess i could do "Lakeland" too, i am more of a hiker now
    the key is not letting my mom's family know i will be so close to Scotland and not visiting them
    the last time i went to the UK, i spent almost the whole time in Scotland...
    Yes, Manchester is very nice. So is London.
    but try take sometime out to look around some of the beautiful countryside.
    such as the Lake District. It's lovely round there.
    the Bowery! not seeing Moz there, but seeing Chris. oh yes, oh yes!
    hey darlin! guess what? I'm seeing IAMX in NYC on June 4th! i cant wait!!! :horny::guitar::horny::guitar::horny:
    my favorite Chris lines as of this week:

    More than speaking, more than thinking,
    silently you're on my side
    No disguise, no hide-and-seeking
    Mouth to mouth you saved my life
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