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    Meet Morrissey?

    Based off what I've read, he seems to go straight to the bus in recent years. But I know there are people on here who have met him by waiting around after the show by the buses/in that general area. I can't say why sometimes he comes around to the fans and why sometimes he doesn't.
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    Moz/Smiths Collection and Posters and Books For Sale

    Re: Moz/Smiths Collection and Posters and Books For Sale!!! I recently purchased a Morrissey vinyl from Craig and I just wanted others to know it was a really easy transaction and there were no problems. I asked for more detailed pics of it and he sent them very quick. So glad to finally have...
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    Morrissey slam Beyonce for rhino handbag - media coverage

    Re: Morrissey slam Beyonce I wonder how Morrissey found out Beyonce has a rhino purse? I mean...He doesn't spend time looking up obscure factoids about Beyonce's fashion choices, right? ...Right? Also, a rhino purse? What the f***?
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    "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys" re-release sleeve shown on EMI website

    Re: Both new sleeves for re-rereleases shown on EMI Website Oh goddamn it.
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    Remastered "Kill Uncle" cover?

    I think what bothers me most is the font. I mean, at least it's not papyrus...And of course Kevin Cummins likes it, it's his photograph. :p
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    Morrissey cancels Jimmy Kimmel appearance 2/26 over scheduled guest Duck Dynasty

    Re: Morrissey Possibly Cancelling Jimmy Kimmel Appearance 2/26 Over Duck Dynasty? Yeah, I just saw that. Awkward. I'm not sure I can really blame him, though...I wouldn't want to be in the same room as those people, either. They're pretty grody. :barf:
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    Article: Morrissey statement - TTY; Denver (2/21), Salt Lake City (2/22) and San Francisco (2/24) po

    Re: Morrissey Statement 16 Feb 2013 - TTY The feeling is mutual. :love:
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    Morrissey themed valentines

    I love all those options! It was so hard choosing which lyrics to use. I was just going down the list of Smiths/Morrissey songs and it seemed like I could literally make a Valentine for practically every song.
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    Morrissey themed valentines

    For those special sweetie's out there. I made way too many of these, but they were really fun to make. I thought maybe some of you might enjoy. :o I linked to the tiny versions, you can see/download/reblog the larger versions of the cards on my tumblr. I didn't want to direct link the original...
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    morrissey frink thread!

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you have this picture in a larger size?
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    tty ~ 'Kill Uncle' to be raised from the dead!

    I actually have no idea :lbf: I did always assume it meant sticker or some kind of button.
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    tty ~ 'Kill Uncle' to be raised from the dead!

    I agree with pretty much all the criticisms various people have mentioned; adding Pashernate love when it's your arsenal era, live version of There is a place...No Tony the pony. But honestly, I love Kill Uncle so I'm excited to see a remastered one, especially since Morrissey isn't even a fan...
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