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    John Barrowman
    Born John Scot Barrowman
    11 March 1967 (1967-03-11) (age 42)
    Glasgow, Scotland, UK
    Occupation Actor, musical performer, dancer, singer, television presenter, media personality
    Years active 1985–present
    Domestic partner(s) Scott Gill (1993–present)

    John Scot Barrowman (born 11 March 1967) is a Scottish-born actor, singer, dancer, musical performer and media personality, with dual citizenship in the UK and the US[1].
    Oh no, have you gone all glaswegian? Am I going to need a translator? :p Then again, I've been reading a lot of Irvine Welsh recently, I've been thinking in Leith-ish, hopefully that's close enough....
    I've no idea, for the Of Mice and Men one it was probably alright, the poetry one I just waffled my way through, it'll probably be fine.
    Knackered, I had my english lit exam today, which was slightly terrifying :p Excited for you coming down though :) we'll have to decide what we're doing and when.
    Awh thats good:). He told me you were there on the Firday and i was confused as i thought you were just going on the Thrusday so that clears that up:p.
    The Friday was better!! Did you see me holding his hand?

    8 minutes would probably cover it actually. I need to get my arse in gear and do something with my life before i start having orgasms about food in the middle of the night. There's nothing you can really do. It's up to me....Which is so bloody!

    Thanks for the interest though. If i ever win the lottery, i will buy you a gold paintbrush.

    Have you heard of an artist called Remit? I saw one of his books at the weekend. Pretty impressive.

    I hope you are well?

    Ally, xxx
    i thought the gig was great , i will go for a quick shower and come over for a couple for drinks

    see you when im cleaner LOL

    i reall y want to see doll and the kicks tonight ... i missed a few songs last night
    not 1 million percent sure if i will be on time , but certainly will try

    i lost you last night , i nipped round the corner to pick up my glasses by the time i got back i just missed you ... anyway
    I got an extra 8 mins....:)

    It sounds great. Barrowlands is my favourite venue. Sorry you remained fully clothed...:) I just saw that i said you were so licky....:)

    Things are fine. f***ed up my life, does anybody care blah de blah. I am sure it'll pass..:)
    Where was the gig hun? You are so licky. It was ok i suppose? Doesn;t sound too good...:)

    I am not that well but too considerate of others to really moan....:)
    I hope he is, just for you...:) I've liked him for years, he's certainly different than most comics.

    I'll lahe to try and get copies of the other series of Curb. I only have season six at the moment and i have squeezed them to death.

    I hope you are doing well my dear?
    I know the feeling.....:)

    Check out Bill, just for me.:) I think you would like him and i consider it my duty to introduce you to him..:)

    I love his films. I assume you know that Larry David wrote most of the episodes?
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