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  • Oh you're lucky living in Glasgi believe it or not. Basically for the music scene/gigs/venues/club nights. Oh Lean Tales, the bass player is a lovely lass.
    No gigs for a while this end, i missed the pastels recently too. xx
    Hmm, it's still not and excuse..:) It has been ages, but i have been busy on courses and working. But that's not really an excuse either.

    Have you listened to the new Manics album yet? And how is your course going?
    That's the first time that anyone has qouted Spandau Ballet at me. It's really quite refreshing...:)

    What have you been up to and how are you doing?
    It'd be pure kitchen sink melodrama, a romantic but failed miserably in love, helping the helpless whilst keeping thieves hours taking out many a disdainful charactor that lurks amongst the cold, dark, Victorian streets outside.
    Hello, sorry I didn't say anything before, I was watching never mind the buzzcocks and putting make up on, (not that I'm going anywhere). How's the flat hunt going? :)
    I know you're not here now, but just for when you are here, my mum's been on at me, and she wants you to give her some idea of a week to book the leave for, because everyone else is going to take the leave and she won't be able to.

    Just passing on the nagging :p
    Wow, you have a twin...:) You are so lovely as well...:) Do you get on okay? Not that it's any of my business. I am not that crazy about family. If i wasn't such a decent chap i would have killed them all by now...:)

    I am doing fairly well these days. Just keeping my head down and other cliches i can't recall at this moment..:) What was the Jab for? I know Spandau Ballet are touring again, but i think innoculation is taking things a bit too far. I hope you miss me?

    (Just lie...:)) I hope you are well my dear, love, Ally...xxxx
    Well how can you doubt one so pure? What are you doing with yourself these days? I hope you are not laying around and not doing much. The devil will find work...etc....:)

    How's the wee mite?
    Just a naughty woman trying to corrupt my innocent mind.........And i can let her because i know i am made of strong stuff. it's lesser people that can't handle people with loose morals, for peeps like us it's easy..:)

    How is your course going? Are you still enjoying it? I hope you are well?

    I'm alright, stayed in bed til half past four reading Madame Bovary :p I'd like to say my insomnia's gone but that might be speaking too soon... How are you?
    Right, my mum told me to tell you to tell your mum that it is OK for her to ring and that we're free for the whole of August apart from the 27th for Glasgow-ing. And she liked the postcard :p
    I think it's mostly bollocks myself, but it's a topic of conversation..:) You could have had the decency to respond without! I am sure it has merit at some particular level, but most of the stuff that people digest is farcical in the extreme.

    i hope you are doing well these days? and behaving yourself - i have been a bit naughty of late, but it has been fun and it's allowed the last time i checked..:) I hope your wee nephew is still doing fine and giving you the run-around.

    take care,
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