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  • Yes, it was just about time. The frink became a wee bit boring - but with this load of new pics.... it's buzzing again.
    oh I know! I think he enjoys mucking about with the make up and stuff. Its silly. However I am so pleased we have been getting new pics.
    hello Karin, I'm Karrie! Almost the same name/spelling. Thanks for adding me to your friends list! I've been a fan of Morrissey/Smiths for the last 6yrs since 2003 also been visiting this site since then but just joined the forums last month, I know a bit late but it's so cool to be official now! :) Anyways, hope we can become good friends. Hey! You're only a couple yrs older than me and I gather you've been a MOZfan for ages now? Lucky Brits! Growing up in New Hampshire I'd never even heard of the Smiths! :O. Btw I liked your previous avatar--now I know what they're called! Wish I KNEW HOW I could put Moz's pic w/ my name but I haven't a clue! You see, I don't have a home pc, I use the library's ; I try to go a couple x a week if I can and of course I started going regularly for news updats regarding Morrissey. He's the only reason I go online for the most part! Anyways, hope to hear back from you sometime, Cheers! Karrie:D
    hullo vicarinatutugal,

    i've been looking at your new avatar and that man seems to be saying, "vicarinatutugal ... meh ... not so much" :p
    Thanks Karin! Have been to see my mum, then had to deal with lots of vets appointments (and recovery) for poor Lulu and her bloody teeth since I've got back :rolleyes: I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!
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