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    1 -2 GA tix for sale for D.C. Nov 30th

    I've been scheduled for an interview in another state this day and can't make it anymore :( Selling GA electronic tix - face value $55 each or both for $100. PM me.
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    Is anyone going to DC?

    Too funny - I just bought GA tix for this show because I had the same itch, years since I last saw him. I thought surely this must be sold out by now...and was amazed to see GA tickets for this price. So I'll be there. Just hoping nothing gets canceled. I'll be flying in from NC and don't know...
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    Oslo - The Nobel Peace Prize Concert at the Oslo Spektrum (Dec. 11, 2013) post-show

    I haven't watched a youtube video of the man in quite some time, and I was pleasantly surprised and agree with you...I don't really give a s*** about the attire, it was just nice to hear his voice again and with new perspective. I still can't enjoy People Are The Same...but, as a Norwegian I can...
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    Selling 1 PIT row D ticket for Bakersfield 5/25

    selling a row d pit ticket. please email me if you're interested :) [email protected]
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    Wanted: 1 Pulp ticket @ Pomona Fox Theatre

    I just wanted to see if anyone has a spare ticket for Pulp on 4/19 at the Fox Theatre, preferably a GA ticket. If you do, please email me at [email protected] or just PM me! Thanks :)
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    Wanted: To share a Conan ticket with someone!

    I had planned on getting in line at the studio tomorrow at 5am or so to get my hands on some stand-by tickets (if lucky). Due to school and work, though, I wouldn't be able to make it there until around noon. I'm still desperate to go and just want to see if there's anybody who has a ticket...
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    Wanted: 1 Orch. Shrine ticket (row A-10)

    I'm looking to buy one ticket for the show at the Shrine tomorrow if anyone has an extra ticket or cannot make it. I'm looking for a seat in Orchestra, preferably anything in row A through row 10. Please let me know if you can help out! Text me 949 436 0753 or email [email protected]
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    Selling 2 Vegas tix, $20 each

    This is very last minute, but I've been struggling with illness over the past several days and can't make it to the Vegas show. I'd rather not let these tickets go to waste, so if you need a pair and are willing to stop by Dana Point on your way to Vegas, then you can have both for a mere $40...
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    Carpool Santa Barbara to NM

    So, my plans have changed drastically since I last made a carpool thread. I'll be leaving the 18th, Friday morning (exact time undetermined), from Santa Barbara on my way down to Moreno Valley (taking the 101S to the 60E) to pick up my friend for the show in New Mexico. From Moreno Valley we'll...
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    For Sale: 1 ORCH Row 4 ticket for Shrine Auditorium face value

    I'm selling my ticket for the Shrine Auditorium in LA; the seat is ORCH row 4, seat 50. It's a hard ticket and I'm selling it for face value (plus fees I paid) for 86.50. Let me know if you're interested. [email protected]
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    Selling 2 balcony tickets for The Pixies, Bakersfield Nov. 18

    Anybody interested in buying a pair of (hard) tickets to see the Pixies on Friday Nov. 18th at the Fox Theatre in Bakersfield? Seats are first row balcony, seats 7 and 8. They will be playing the entire Doolittle album. email me if interested: [email protected]
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    Yeah it happened to me a few days ago during a pre-sale. I've tried using proxy sites, but it goes too slow. I was hoping to score pit tickets this morning; I reached the ticketmaster box office exactly at 10am, but best seat he had was orch 19. I think there have been a couple people on here...
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    Nope, still the same forbidden message. Thanks though Joey.
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    Wow. I've been blocked again from Ticketmaster during this important time. Anyone else gotten this 403 Forbidden message before and know what to do about it?
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    vegas, who's going?

    Me too.
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