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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    No wonder people call this place So-Low. Like a room full of poorly behaved children.
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    Dublin, Vicar Street, Night 2 (July 30, 2011)

    What I don't understand is why people on either side still continue to engage in these discussions. It's all been said a thousand times. Move on. And thanks to everybody involved in recording and sharing the Dublin show.
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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    We should all just be grateful we have what we have and stop being whiny children. It's unbecoming, at best. It's not like people are hoarding food, causing countless others to perish. It's music, people. Thanks to everybody who shares. Regardless of when, why or how it happens.
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    York & Grimsby videos

    Beautifully done! And deeply appreciated. Thank you.
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    Please help - outstanding bits & bobs for my collection

    I get what you mean. Definitely not trying to bust your chops. You seem like a sensible, thoughtful guy. That in and of itself is nice to see.
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    plymouth 2011 (audio)

    You're a star. Thanks for recording and sharing these shows. Definitely appreciated.
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    Please help - outstanding bits & bobs for my collection

    You might have better luck if you share first. Then ask for what you need. Asking for a long list of stuff in your first post probably isn't the best plan.
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    Did anyone record Bradford?

    What format are the files in Darren? If they're mp3s, just zip them up, upload them to somewhere like sendspace or rapidshare and post the download link here. Hope that helps.
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    Let's see a show of hands

    This place is full of people who take and don't give. It's always been that way. A small handful of people share the goods with a large lump of people who take (and can't be bothered to say thanks). I'll repeat what other people have said. Your efforts and sharing are definitely appreciated...
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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. Hate. Grateful and appreciated.
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    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    Then I'm sure you won't be downloading this, right?
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    Mike Joyce tweets on Glastonbury performance and "cover versions"

    Meanwhile the world doesn't know - and doesn't care - who Mike Joyce is. Moz and the band don't sound brilliant to me these days. But still, he's still a thousand times better than the dull Mr. Joyce.
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    perth audio

    Re: perth 2011 audio Excellent. Thank you! And fantastic way to show up here - giving instead of taking. Much appreciated. Keep it up!
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