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  • I can definitely send you something. Send me a PM with your address and I'll get two 128gb USB drives out on Monday. I figure two incase one brakes in transit. These are 100% for sharing. Anything I get is to complete the lists at MozRecordings. There's +400 shows and counting there now. Thanks very much for the offer. -MR
    As long as these are for open access for all I'd be happy to copy all I have and send on for use on your site. Even if some recordings are not so good I always liked the idea of a live history that reflected the efforts of those who tried to capture something and share it. God knows I bought enough live tapes from markets that almost cost as much as records pre internet, only to get home and hear a distant Morrissey apparently with a flushing toilet as backing!!. If you are able to send something to me that can capture that amount of data, let me know and I'll get it done and back to you pretty quickly. Cheers
    hi, had alook at some options today and also recalled the faff of uploading previously with megaupload etc which makes me think it would be problematic for me to do it in bits and pieces and timewise I am unlikely to manage it any time soon. You mentioned a large memory option, which I think would be best. My Moz live recordings file is about 42GB and there are also some Smiths gigs, interviews, scans and things that I'd also copy in as its easier to do the lot than try and sort them out (I'll leave that to you), maybe 50GB or so in total. I did make some effort to organize gigs so most are in date order etc and should be easy to sort from your point of view.

    see next
    The main issue with uploading files has to do with the time it takes to do transfers. Most ISPs offer much lower upload speeds for most folks.

    You can deposit stuff at my SendSpace dropbox if you'd like to try that. It's at:


    It'll probably be easiest to either zip an entire concert into one file or make an iso of your disc and upload that. My storage space is large and can handle files of 1.75gb.

    The Moz Recordings site is exactly the same type of project you were working on. I'm trying to collect as many recordings together as possible regardless of quality. I'm also trying to make them available to as many people who want them as possible in relatively high quality (MP3 320-bit).

    Thanks a ton.


    yes happy to help, how would the sendspace thing work. I am kinda in and out at the moment, but would also like to get a handle on uploading etc just for my info really. My Moz stuff runs up to about 2007, it was a little project I was doing but real life got in the way. Looking at the organisation of my files its not great, but perhaps if you want, I'll load up some of thos mp3 discs for example and see how that goes. You let me know how to work that and I'll give it a go. My planned project was a completist thing at the time and it does include some really ropy recordings but you may get an odd gem in there. Let me know and I'll see if I can add something later today maybes.

    I also have a load of videos which were boots tv appearances etc. I am planning on transferring them and uploading also at some point.

    Tried to PM you but it said your inbox was full so posting here instead.


    Wow. So I went through my lists at http://mozutd.tumblr.com and compared to those pictures. There are nearly 70 things in the 91-95 discs that I didn't have.

    That's a lot of work from your side. How can I help make this easier for you? I have a dropbox at sendspace if you'd prefer to upload stuff. I'm more than happy to send a large USB drive/stick if you'd be willing to copy it over, which I imagine would be easiest.

    But anything I can do to make those shows available as downloads for folks I'm more than willing to do. Thanks for the amazing offer.

    I've also got a bunch of stuff in flac format. If you're still interested in collecting I could send some of that over with the drive.

    hi ..conc the postcards you posted i couldnt clearly see what was going on on the postcard on th middle..can you desscribe it?
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