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    Who is the American Morrissey/Smiths?

    I definitely don't think anyone even comes close; in America or the world. Morrissey is definitely quite unique, for better or worse. Interesting choice with Replacements though. Chuck Kloster would agree, but he sucks :D I hate to think of it, but I feel like someone like Elliot Smith has...
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    Is Morrissey gay?

    Any gay man who reads morrissey's lyrics in depth can't possibly think he's straight. Although, that could just be wishful thinking on my part :)
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    This Charming Man - Butchered

    I think it's f***ing AWESOME, though I can see why some are upset. I love the direction his band is taking musically. Is it safe to say he'll be playing TCM on the upcoming dates?
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    Morrissey and band bares all (front this time) new pic

    I've been staring at that picture for too long; makes me think dirty things PS: the tags on this thread are just so out of control, I love it
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    BOWERY who got tix?

    if everyone relaxes and doesn't buy these 300 dollar tickets....they'll go down let the ticket scalpers sweat
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    NYC Pre-morrissey meetup

    Re: Pre-morrissey meetup I'm game, FYI check for hourly updated happy hours
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    Carnegie Hall

    got 2nd row box seat? or something was on hold for too long, suparni I cant believe youve been on hold for almost an hour, there might be a problem
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    Carnegie Hall

    theyre probably freaking out at the box office "why are so many looneys desperately trying to get tickets for this has-been?!"
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    Carnegie Hall

    saw this one coming....I at least got webster...f***
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    Carnegie Hall

    neither am I and their line is busy via phone
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    so who are the slimy bastards that got presale tickets

    shawn which shows are you trying to get tickets for?
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    so who are the slimy bastards that got presale tickets

    If your only business is that of ticket scalping, you would be a seasoned professional at those kind of things unfortunately. :mad:
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    so who are the slimy bastards that got presale tickets

    I have to agree, although I would be more privy to blame crooked management before moz. At this point I would be happy to see the entire music industry be laid to waste....I've said this before but we need more fugazi-ethics, and less axl rose!
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    so who are the slimy bastards that got presale tickets

    I hate the internet, ticketmaster, and ticket scalpers (no I didnt get a ticket for the presale boo me)
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    NYC - here you go

    Yeah if your buying two tickets do you have to pre-order two albums also? That would be absurd, but ticketmaster never ceases to disgust me
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