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  • Well Bob, I'm pathologically anti anything Brand. Just me. Sounds like you have a similar system to me - we have BT Vision here - is that like the Box Office thing? Thousands of films on demand? I like simple cheery stuf - Bill And Ted, Trading Places - anything comedic and not too challenging. I want a film to make me smile, not think. What a simple chap I am.
    have you seen forgetting sarah marshall ..? i am considering ordering it on box office but cant decided as i ordered a film the other ight and it was rubbish
    hi can you help me..i want to copy a dvd (moz bootleg) ,,i have the original (cant copy directly have to put the orginal in the tray get it onto the computer somehow put it out ,then put the balnk copy in..so i have put the orginaldvd into the tray now the data appears on :d it has to be on the desktop so i can copy it right? i use nero

    thnks alot for help
    your twin is a credit to the family ... you on the other hand :doh:

    (this is intended as banter and not an insult LOL)
    i feel its sad that no one has left a message on your page so i thought i would be the first .... hey arent you that bloke from the telly (the clever one):);):)
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