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  • BTW Skinny, who is that in your profile picture? I always assumed it was you but now I am unsure.
    I absolutely did not mean to give you a redundant rating on a post in the Sugar Mutts thread. I don't agree with your opinion on the subject, but wouldn't give you a negative rating. I must have clicked on something at the wrong time by accident.
    David Tseng is violating his own Member Conduct guidelines by posting Pedophile link...
    If you scroll down to the bottom of any page on the right hand side and click on Terms of Service.

    Scroll to Member Conduct. Read this and ask yourself....does the posting of the pedophile link violate these terms?
    Hi US,

    Why on earth are you allowing people to post as "anonymous"? It's a surefire way to ensure sliding standards of behavior and is increasingly making the boards unreadable.
    Dear Sir,

    I am writing to inform you that a tiny tiny jar of Marmite costs 4.66 euro at my local supermarket.

    However, I will be more than happy to get you some if this helps you start an Internet Affair with someone in the vicinity of Hull that shall remain nameless, so that I can both blackmail you afterwards, and get loads of money from that to buy even more Marmite.

    Regards and looking forward to business together,

    Johnny "Cupide Cupid" Marrmite.
    I like Fat Vegas Moz, but I miss & love Pacing Moz. :( You mustn’t let anyone else use it, ever!
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