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    Dream setlist

    Come Back to Camden Hold On To Your Friends Christian Dior I have Forgiven Jesus We'll Let You Know Friday Mourning My Love Life Now My Heart is Full Never Played Symphonies Ordinary Boys Life is a Pigsty I'd Love To Wide To Receive Southpaw Lost Angel Down We Go Together Driving Your Girlfriend...
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    Article: "Kit" (full version) and "It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small" (different version) - m

    Re: Here's the treats Usually lurk, but felt the need to log in for the first time in years to say thanks
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    Moz's Recent Gig Locations

    No, not "sinister". You really think Moz thinks this is his "last" world tour?
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    Moz's Recent Gig Locations

    Hi everyone, Just a quick observation on the countries Moz has recently played. I've sensed a cynical side to this tour. 1) Countries he hasn't visited in years. 2) Countries he hasn't previously visited. 3) Countries he knows are hot-beds of popularity (USA, a couple of nights in...
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    Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed

    Always thought it referred to Marr. Similarly: A sick boy should be treated So easily defeated Oh, I just don't understand. So you ran with your pals in the sun You turned around You were alone, again. And you ran back to Ma(rr) Which set the pace for the rest of your days.
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    You Are The Quarry - If you would've done it

    First Of The Gang To Die Irish Blood, English Heart I Have Forgiven Jesus Come Back To Camden I Like You Friday Mourning The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores All The Lazy Dykes Let Me Kiss You Never-Played Symphonies The Public Image No One Can Hold A Candle To You B-Sides...
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    Munich Air Disaster 1958

    Exactly. The lyric is very clever: The victims are unconditionally loved, missed, kissed, fondly remembered (not least for their style) and, being dead, it is impossible for them to hurt anyone. Morrissey wishes he had died that day so that all of those things would apply to him. Ironically...
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    Why does Morrissey wear two watches?

    First, there is no "US time"; there are nine time zones in the States. Second, why would it be UK time? He lives in Italy. Third, presuming you meant Rome and LA, why would Morrissey be incapable of subtracting - or, conversely, adding - nine from/to the time on one watch? "The man with...
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    Is there any subject Morrissey hasn't written about a song yet?

    One of those chainmail gloves for opening oysters. Being shit at tango dancing. Playing Monopoly with a racist, decerebrate granny. Needing a piss in traffic. Falling in love with an Asian newsagent.
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    First time ever hearing morrissey saying f***

    Re: First time ever hearing morrissey saying 'f***' The beginning: I get the impression that an apologetic response to begin with might have won Moz over.
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    Clip online of "Wrestling with Russell"

    I thought Moz was sighing at Brand's insincerity: "So you've got this thing, Years of Rufusal; are you happy about it?" "I'm very, very happy, yes. I think it's fantastic recording. I think it's great" "Mmm...I've heard it, it is really good..." *Sigh*
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    You were good in your time - Who is it about?

    Because the 'uninformed' line is such a memorable one, I started thinking about who or what might have inspired it (well aware of Moz's tendency for pinching and pastiche). Anyway, the best I could come up with is Larkin's poem 'Church Going' (hands up - it's tenuous): Bored, uninformed...
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    The Operation

    I've always thought it was a self-deprecating, autobiographical song about generally growing older.
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    The Moz/Smiths Top 100, Part 225: YOU HAVE KILLED ME

    I will never understand Morrissey fans. Some of his most facile, trite and lazy lyrics are hailed as 'genius' and 'poetry', yet this is derided as an average lyric when it is so impressively inspired... "Accattone you’ll be" - Pasolini's first film, therefore Morrissey's first love...
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