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    Name one thing Morrissey has done for you

    well, when i listen to moz in my mp3 player, the sound volume is always in its max... so i guess he's making me sort of hearing impaired, i suppose. maybe not now... but within a few years i am sure. lol
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    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    hey, i am happy someone here got tickets!!! this means, in my opinion, at least two things 1) we finally know how the process is like (no e-mail confirmation, no nothing) and 2) those who haven't received it yet are most likely to be unsuccessful (i assume they would send all the tickets at...
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    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    i think they are trying to provoke strokes or heart attacks to moz's fans, until there's only 100 (or whatever the nr of available tickets was) left.. lol
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    Song Title Game

    i wish you were here - pink floyd
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    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    well, i truly think that they wont send out tickets to anybody... all this unconsistent information sounds kinda weird to me. they will only give tickets away to whom they want, e.g. family, friends, etc. and this advertisement was only made to make it all sound like it was an impartial...
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    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    geez, then there's no way i am going to call them, really. :|
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    Morrissey Radio 2 live on 11th Feb

    humm... i am still thinking about wether i should ring them (as in, wasting money and being told that i was unsuccessful) or think about moz every time i get home and look at the lettebox, lol.
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    Morrissey in Deutsch

    this is so bad that it is actually very, very good! i never thought that such thing existed... ahaha! he does this seriously, right?
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    Album with most songs never played live?

    i had never realised that come back to camden was the only song from YATQ (ok, with the exception of b-sides) that has never been played live! is that really so? actually, come back to camden is one of my all time favourite songs.. but perhaps is not very "playable live", i suppose.
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    Song Title Game

    i'll never be anybody's hero now - moz
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    Best live experiences

    i wouldnt say best, but one of the funniest live moments i certainly recall is moz's stage farewell in the middle of Panic.. lol, everybody's was like "WTF?".
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    Song Title Game

    boys are back in town - thin lizzy
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    Morrissey Symposium, Change of Date

    the songs that saved your life (again) i was wondering if anyone here did submit any paper to the symposium on moz being held next may in an irish university.. i've heard that there was a previous one, does anyone knows anything about it?
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