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    "List of the Lost" review in Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish); media mentions

    No amount of time is going to elevate "List of the lost" to the realm of "The sun also rises." Get real. This book is a joke.
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    'List of the Lost' review at The Quietus; Digested read / illustration at The Guardian

    The question is how will Moz deal with this veritable nightmare? He's become a laughing stock. "I don't care what the critics think" only works when you've got at least one of them on your side.
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    "List of the Lost" reviews in The Telegraph, The Independent; media mentions

    The already infamous "sex scene" reads like some hack imitation of Burgess's first-rate imitation of Joyce, which can be found in Tremor of intent.
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    Article: "List of the Lost" reviews in The Guardian (#2), Emily ReyNOlds; TTY UK bookshop photo; med

    Is this a hoax? Is Morrissey insane? These passages are beyond ludicrous. Why in god's name would Penguin stand behind such a piece of shit?
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    "World Peace..." reviews (, FasterLouder, Seattle Music Insider, Globes, Divirta-se)

    Is reviewer #2 actually paid money for his shallow, platitude-driven tripe? If so, that is truly depressing. (His casual dismissal of Maladjusted as a "train wreck" is almost more maddening than the review itself.) I will say this again: overlooking "Art-Hounds" for a place on the album is a...
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    "World Peace..." review by Michael Alarcon - Outsideleft

    I'm not at all surprised by the negative reception, given that -- and this is a shame -- these reviews are not to take the outstanding bonus tracks into account. "One Of Our Own", "Julie In The Weeds", and "Art-Hounds" should all have been album tracks; all three could take the place of anything...
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    Morrissey's new album 'a stunning career high' review by Eamon Carr - Irish Independent

    Without the bonus tracks the album is a 7. There are at least four disposable songs, maybe more. Stop calling it a "landmark."
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    Morrissey's new album 'a stunning career high' review by Eamon Carr - Irish Independent

    That's a very glib review. It's a good record; certainly not his best.
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    "World Peace..." reviews at (3/5 stars), Chicago Reader

    There are a few duds, but overall a good record. I've only ran through it twice, so of course more time with it is needed to form a definitive opinion. Highlights for me include: "Staircase...", "Julie In The Weeds", and "Art Hounds." "Art Hounds" in particular is superb -- his best since "Pigsty."
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    "The Bullfighter Dies" single (digital download) released (June 17, 2014)

    This track is excellent. Almost makes up for the previous three.
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    2014, best albums, post them here

    Best (in order): MØ -- No Mythologies To Follow Trust -- Joyland Dum Dum Girls -- Too True Wild Beasts -- Present Tense Sharon Van Etten -- Are We There Kyla La Grange -- Cut Your Teeth Cloud Nothings -- Here And Nowhere Else Angel Olsen -- Burn Your Fire For No Witness Biggest...
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    "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

    Agreed -- I find "Istanbul" to be decidedly lacking. It threatens the entire time to break through but never does. The bridge needed vocals and it should have finished with another chorus, or, preferably, some of Moz's renowned yodeling. "World Peace..." is the strongest track released thus far...
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Just saw MØ -- she is extraordinarily good. If anyone gets the chance to see her, do not hesitate.
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    Denver, CO - Ellie Caulkins Opera House (May 17, 2014) post-show

    That's a very lame set. Incredibly static tempo. "To Give" should never be played live, "One Day Goodbye..." as an encore is ridiculous, and I cannot begin to imagine why he's omitted "National Front Disco." I hope something changes by the time I see him next month.
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