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    Radio X make "Spent The Day In Bed" their record of the week

    It is good news. Radio X are playing it 7-8 times a day and whenever I hear it played it is followed by genuinely enthusiastic comments. Chris Moyles has had quite a few big name interviews in the last few weeks – Liam Gallagher, Bono and Foo Fighters to name a few. Hopefully Moz will follow...
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    NME: Eight actually uplifting Morrissey songs

    Killed an Imam would be even more so (figuratively speaking of course)
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    Is Moz such a nice person?

    I applaud his PETA activities and stance on meat eating., As for his attacks on other people (including the royals etc. ) if he has to make such statements, then I wish he would direct his attention at the real problems in society like ISIS Muslims (and most Muslims in fact on account of their...
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    TTY: Third Reich 'royals' ...

    Re: TTY: Third Reich 'royals' ... This story is fairly ridiculous and not really newsworthy. If Moz or any of us want to talk about the real "Nazi" threat, it is from the ISIS scumbags. Of course they are not "Nazis" in the traditional sense or meaning .... but far worse. 'The Muslim extremism...
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    Did you see Morrissey 25 at the cinema?

    The film is still very much in my mind. I had forgotten how good "Malajusted" sounds live (re-read the lyrics today ). "You have killed me" is also punchier than I remember. I loved it all from beginning to end.
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    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    Blur and the Pet Shop Boys at the Berlin Festival. Franz Ferdinand also in Berlin. And the very wonderful Torpus and the Art Directors at the Reeperbahn Festival.
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    Did you see Morrissey 25 at the cinema?

    I am so glad I caught Peter Bradshaw's review in the Guardian in time! Absolutely spot on! I can only say I thoroughly enjoyed it!! It was very well directed, the setlist was very representative of Moz's impressive body of work – and it showed Moz and his great band as just as I know them ...
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    David & Victoria Beckham 'Furious Over Morrissey Rant'

    I don't know. I still wish he'd have a go at genuine scumbags. Like Cameron, Blair and f***ing Muslem Jihadist c***s for that matter.
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    David & Victoria Beckham 'Furious Over Morrissey Rant'

    I am with the Beckhams on this one. What have they done to deserve it? I really wonder why Moz said what he said. It came from nothing and was totally unnecessary. They have done nothing to upset him. That part of him is sadly very tiresome, unlike what he does best, his concerts. It is a pity...
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    All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - TTY

    All my best wishes to Moz's mother, Moz and all the family. I hope all will be well!!!
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    TTY ~ Morrissey returns to England due to his mother's illness

    I wish Moz's mother all the best. He has to be there with her and the family right now!
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    Morrissey turns 53 - May 22, 2012

    Happy Birthday Moz! Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead! And this has been a very good year for you so far, hasn't it? May it continue as successfully!!!
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    James Willstrop, the world's number one squash player, writes about Morrissey in his new book

    Yes, a wonderful account ... and just imagine how exciting it must have been for James to go on to discover the rest of Morrissey's recordings. I sometimes wish I could go back to that time again.
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