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  • hi!
    d sorry for asking you out of he blue
    sorry do you have any idea of how to copy a dvd?(i use a nero programme)
    i have to cCOPY not burn a dvd for someone so must i put both the orginal and the plain dvd in both of these cd trays At THE computer "tower" (Im not sure :there exist 2 trays maybe one comaptible for audio cds and the other only for dvds?
    im not sure if the one on top is the dvd tray or cd tray..
    or does it work differently and i d first have to put in the orginal go to copy then put out the orginal dvd and then put in the blank dvd?
    sorry but you see i have zero clue when it comes to computers thnks for helping me ...
    your welcome,hope the head is not too bad this morning.(if it is,try a brandy and port,that will sort you out)
    hola señorita!
    how was moz`s concert yesterday?im sure you have enjoyed it,eh? i peeked on the setlist -he didnt play what she said though..hmmm
    ..looking forward to reading a post of you reviewing the concert on the forums...;-)
    dios!!! lo tuyo de London suena fatal, gracias por los buenos deseos ya me voy a dormir recien llego de comenzar los festejos y en un estado letal :p . Por favor besos para Moz de parte mia, que lo disfrutes y te llenes de Moz, beso y gracias :)
    A la vuelta del FIB espero tu reporte seguramente va a estar INCREIBLE, tengo un amigo que viajó ayer para verlo se llama Gustavo asi que si ves un argentino gritando desaforadamente, bueno ese es él :) . Y si no hay nada como UK aunque ya viste lo del Roundhouse, yo viaje por 6 y terminé viendo 3 aunque no me quejo son cosas que pasan! o quizas como luego tenia Edinburgo y Paris no me afectó tanto al espiritu:) Beso,

    hola! de nada, todo bien por aca. Ojala Moz te oiga y venga pero lo veo dificil, supongo vas al FIB? y Madrid?
    nighty night..see you tomorrow..does it really come..and if it does come..........ok..i#m overdoing it i shuttle;)
    thanks for allwoing me to be one of your friends..i will go to sleep soon..if i yould:o..i'm soo excited about's killing me:)..
    have a nice sleep..!!
    But i think you will..and a great start at work..;)
    Congrats again..and the revanche will take place 2010 :p
    lovley greetings from cologne to spain
    xoxo miry in a very sad coma
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