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    Manchester Smiths Tour

    If you are in Manchester 3 months, you can do the tour over a period of time. The book, ''Morrissey's Manchester'' - as highlighted above - will take you to all the places, bus stops 'en all :cool:
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    14 year old voted in General Election

    Nice one.........:cool:the lad has bollocks...........:rock: Unlike his teacher, who (like Cornelius Blaze) is a snitch and called the police. Pathetic.
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    The Smiths on 'Early Doors' BBC2

    and in the final episode...... at 3 minutes:guitar:
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    How many user names has JJ used since being banned?

    Judge Weeks Jukebox Fury Jukebox Dury Tommy Gun Dukebox Jury rainfallshard BosMoz CBlaze=QP'sStooge&Grass How Soon Is Banned? This Charming Ban
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    Viva Morrissey @ Dry Bar, Manchester on Morrissey's Birthday!

    Make sure you let on to JJ. He tells me despite you being a red, he'll gladly accept a drink off you:thumb:
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    Song title game

    How soon is now?
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    Why does this place have tumbleweeds rolling around?

    11 was poor. Maybe you joined too early.....wonder how many I'll make:D:lbf:
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    'Bring Back JJ' Petition

    There are some Mods sleeping on their watch:thumb: Jukebox Jury
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    The Smiths on 'Early Doors' BBC2

    Best TV programme in years - on at 5 mins 53 seconds
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