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    Standing ticket for Hull Looking to swap for London

    Hi, i have one standing ticket for Hull which i am looking to swap for a standing ticket for the Sunday concert in Hammersmith. If anyone is interested please pm me.
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    Jason Pegg Clearlake New Solo Album

    Hi, just wanted to let any fan's of the band Clearlake know that their brilliant frontman Jason Pegg released his 2nd solo album a few months back entitled "Silver Noise", highly recommended it is download only...
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    John Lydon releases details of new PiL material for this year

    Has anyone got the video to the "Flowers Of Romance" as nobody has uploaded it and that's the only song from the concert missing Many thanks
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    Morrissey should do Middleton Arena! Who agrees?

    Surely The Chameleons should play at Middleton Arena, the greatest and only band i can think of to come from there. Maybe with Morrissey has the support act, ha ha.
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    Is the Pulp reunion turning out to be a big wasted opportunity?

    Have to agree Pulp @ Brixton last night were brilliant. The first time i have ever seen them live, Jarvis is still a great frontman, he owned that stage. Hope i don't come across as sounding old but they just don't make band's like them anymore. There are rumour's of an arena tour in the UK...
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    XFM 25: The Queen Is Dead

    Has anyone got this in mp3 format please ?
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    Request: XTC - Say It

    Hi does anyone have the XTC song "Say It" ? Which was 1 of 2 exclusive tracks on the Apple Bite promo CD which they would kindly upload. It was also available as a free download to those who purchased the "Apple Box" set. Here is the other exclusive track "Spiral" for anyone who would like to...
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    Bad Lieutenant - How Long

    Re: Bad Lieutenant - Higher Wider Deeper Thanks dothewatusi For uploading the Bad Lieutenant - How Long track. I have uploaded the japanese only bonus track Higher Wider Deeper for anyone that want's it Cheers john
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    Bad Lieutenant - How Long

    Thanks dothewatsui for uploading the Bad Lieutenant - How Long track. I have uploaded the japanese only bonus track Higher Wider Deeper for anyone that want's it Cheers john
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    Bad Lieutenant - How Long

    Can someone please upload the Bad Lieutenant itunes only bonus track "How Long". Thanks john
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    B Sumner (of New Order) and Echo & Bunnyman new album flops!

    Can someone please re-upload the Bad Lieutenant itunes only bonus track "How Long". Cheers john
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    Bernard Sumner Songbook

    Thanks kewpie For the link it's available for download at but unfortunately you have to be a member and there are no new member slots available at the moment. So if anyone else has it and could upload it please it will be very much...
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    Bernard Sumner Songbook

    Hi, if someone has the Bernard Sumner Songbook programme which was shown on Sky Art's channel sometime last year would you please upload it. Cheers john
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    Public image limited

    Saw them in Leeds last night and Mr Lydon and the band were awesome. And everyone seemed to agree it was a great concert and a long one at over 2 hours. Johnny thought the crowd were a bit shy until near the end when they livened up. Going to see them again in Manchester on saturday. If you get...
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    Wanted - Liverpool Echo Arena ticket stub

    Thanks everyone for the help. I also checked my bank account a couple of days ago and seetickets had put the money back into my bank account just before i was about to post my ticket back to them. Can't understand why they were asking for the tickets to be returned for a refund and then to...
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