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  • Hi there, sorry I'm busy tonight.

    Please don't forget to cast a vote for Best cover version poll which will closed in 45 minutes.
    oh and im VERY strict with it, i wont even eat veggie stuff thats been cooked in the same oven as meat. and i refuse to sit to a table with any one whos consuming flesh, and if its ever my treat (say chip shop) i will refuse to pay for any meat, as its blood money, i drive everyone mad, but i don't care because i know I'M RIGHT. :)
    veggie im afraid! i hate saying this because i sound like a flesh eater maiking excuses, but i love CHEESE far too much to be vegan, *dont hate me*
    Ok still not away- sorry i've been spending all my time getting tickets for Morrissey and trying to sort out how i am getting to places. Got six tickets:). He aint doing Dublin though:(
    Well he doesnt sound like much of a loss.....just ignore him and let him sound like a complete fool.
    Jesus, it's windy outside :( Maybe, I should stay in...:p
    Yes, I'm very well, sipping on a nice glass of wine before heading off to the ABC.
    I got my hair cut today, so that I could looks really nice, I'm happy today :D
    Man that's terrible..:( I think the trouble with a lot of violence is how mindless it is. Poor guy.

    That'll be good then. I am looking forward to moving. When it eventually F*****g happens..:)
    Well, that can put a downer on the whole walk experience. Why can't people just be nice?

    when are you moving?
    Darkness is good. I always like walking in the dark. It means i can talk to myself without anyone!

    Your sarcasm is a credit to you sir...:)
    I do that kind of thing all the time, so i can't complain, though Karma is very swift in these parts. I will be morally outraged ONE day..:)

    Good. Are you pleased with the results? Probably a stupid question..:)

    Well, a human being's capacity to think is great, but not thinking is a good idea too..:)
    Have you done anything more to it?

    I am doing okay - as long as i don't think about things too much...:)
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