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  • My Christmas was fine. I had dinner with the family (what's left of it) and it was suitably dull with long periods of awkward silence...:) I nearly burst out laughing at a few points but did the dignified thing and when to the toilet to chuckle...:)

    Trouble at Mill with the band. Oh well these things happen and i'm sure it will be resolved without too many Pop-Star dramas...:)

    I hope you are doing well and life is treating you well.

    Happy New Year BTW and take care.

    Yours, Alasdair.
    Hello! Did you get my texts? It's actually a bracelet, not a hair band (and that is its name). :p What were you doing online on Christmads Day?! :p
    It was good, thank you. I got a new stereo system, curling tongs, a Sound of the Smiths CD, Wii Music and a Chats Amour (it's really called that - my aunt got it from France :D) counted cross-stitch thing, and lots of other things. :)
    How was yours? xxxx
    I'm glad you liked the book! I gathered you've spotted the images Morrissey used? ;) And thank you for the present, it's great, I'm looking forward to reading it! Don't worry about it beeing a little battered, it's fine :p. Hope your having a good Christmas :D
    Hey you. Just a quick message to wish you a happy Christmas and New Year.

    I hope the band is going well?
    thanks, im not even thinking about all that side of it till after christmas... or i'll die of stress.
    no, maybe im fussy but i like a place where i know my stuff'll still be there when i get in from the gig, and clean enough to want to take your shoes off, hostels dont fall into this category im afraid.
    I just got a ticket this morning for the 3rd brixton gig... so im doing 11 gigs in May!!
    cant wait (well i can 'cause i gotta find the money for hotels etc yet!) you going to any?
    good to hear,
    gonna be late for work AGAIN because of the ticket scramble... yay 3 kicks up the brixton academys bum. :)
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