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  • yes i LOVE it, but half the songs we already knew rather too well, im so glad that SKULL and MAMA sound just as good in the studio as they do live, not sure of some of the new songs, but theyre growing on me, I have this thing about Carol though, i cant stand that song,.. i've realised what it reminds me of, and now i cant hear it without laughing, heres hoping he doesnt play it at any of the gigs i attend, (i wouldnt want him to see me laughing at him!!) do yuo like it?
    I didn't go on msn i was just checking ym e-mails.

    I think you are the only person who would cry if they missed me:p. If only others do the same , i don't know what is wrong with people!
    im dying, have a serious cough, but thats not bothering me its the incredible back pain its causing thats killing me.... i keeo making agonised noises and screwing my face up, getting some weird looks i can tell ya, LOL
    hows you?
    That's a cracker, though i spoiled it somewhat by reading the punchline first...:) still good though.

    I'll need to think of a few to send to you. I was going to send a joke about dementia, but i genuinely forgot the joke. Oh well....:)

    I hope life is treating you well these days. How are things with the band?
    I think that thick coppers are international though. It's a strange day when your chastising an Irishman for telling Irish! That's the kind of twist in comedy that i love...:)

    He's made unbelievable things and is allowed that giant turd that he spawned..:)

    I'll need to go soon but take care and speak soon...:)
    I can't wait to get it. I thought about pinching it but i would make such a poor theif. I get panic attacks at that kind of! I tend to sweat and look really dodgy, so i'd better rule out criminality at this stage..:)

    Nathan Barly was really poor. I actually stopped watching it. But i suppose he's long past the stage where he gets away with a dud, so we can show understanding to him for that mistake..:)

    Sounds like the polica are as alert as ever. I may have to rethink my criminality!
    Things are fine but i can't get Moz's new album yet because i was paid this time by check. It's a minor irritation, but i was pissed off earlier. But i surprised myself at how well i can take bad news...:)

    It's good to see Morris getting recognition. He's made the more radical stuff in comedy over the past 15 years or so. I wonder what he's up to these days? He remains a man of mystery..:)
    Hey man! Long time no see, how's things with you?

    I was beggining to think that my crap jokes may have driven you!
    :( oh i see.
    I shall write all about my trip in my next letter.
    Sorry if i was funny on the phone last night, i had just entered Edinburgh after spending 9 hours on a National Express coach and the idea of streching my legs and breathing the air of "Auld Reekie" was over whelming!
    :( oh no what's up?
    We both had good dreams:). If only they were true...
    When did you send you letter? I shall proberally text you sson as i leave for Oxford the day after next:).
    I had a very strange dream last night, i dreamt that me, Jenny and Angela went round to your house and we "chapped" you. Your dad answered the door ( who was Morrissey) and he said to me "ohhhh i've heard a lot about you" and invited us in but you had a toilet in the middle of your hall which was dirty so me being me i cleaned it becfore we went in to your room to read a book about corrie alltogether.
    Oh and your house was just down the road from me:p. I wish all that were real! ha ha
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