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  • actually i like my job a lot, but i dont really know if i will have it come april
    i am going away to NZ for a month, starting next week, a month is a long time will see...
    it can be very fun sometimes, and very boring at others, mainly its a good place to hook up with loose women :blushing: or get drunk cheap if you work there :squiffy: but all only if you are 21 and over, sorry :o
    I think he does. It may be okay - but it could be his 'Nathan Bartley'.....:)

    I watch the last seried all the time. One of my faves is the episode with Steve Coogan playing the therapist..:) Coogan is another nig favourite of mine.

    Life is fine. I am a bit tired but doing okay. I have to cook for myself these days, so starvation is always a niggling temptation..:) No, i'd better eat...:)

    I only get a limited amount of time on here so enjoy the rest of your night..:)
    Woddy Allen is great. I have never seen one of his movies and not been impressed. If i had the motivation i could really be a collector of his films, i may become that one day..:)

    Have i asked you about Curb Your enthusiasm? You should check that out if you get the chance.

    How's life treating you?
    That's a great! I'll remember that one..:)

    The one about how copper wire was invented? By two Scotsman fighting over a Penny...:)

    Two Scottish guys called Jimmy and Tam with dementia were sitting on the beach. One says to the other "Tam, Would you like an Ice cream?" and the guys says, "Aye that would be lovely Jimmy". Jimmy starts walking away and Tam shouts after him, "Could you get me an ice cream with a flake in it? Will ye remember all that?" "Aye says Jimmy - "An ice cream with a flake in it." He walks 20 yards further, Tam shouts out "Jimmy, could you get me an Ice Cream with a flake and Raspberry sauce, will ye remember all that?" Jimmy says, "Aye an Ice cream with a flake and raspberry sauce". Jimmy walks back to Tam and gives him a hamburger...Tam looks at it and says, "Jimmy are ye no forgetting something?........, Jimmy says what?..."You've forgotten my chips...."

    I tried..:)

    Hope you're well man.
    Brilliant! You actually did one!

    Well I'd say mine would be (quickly naming 10 in no order)

    Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.
    The Classical.
    Ludd Gang
    Psycho Mafia
    The Mixer
    Arid Al's Dream
    Green Eyed Loco Man
    Slang King
    Industrial Estate
    4 1/2 Inch

    Oh...And Athlete Cured is great as well.
    Hello!! How are you? Thanks for the the friend request!

    Yes, that's great that you added me.

    Have a good day and give me an obsessive list of your favourite Fall songs, NOW!!

    (You don't have to do the latter if you don't want to)

    Yes, a big Fall fan,
    ok ok, but dont hate me...
    i was trying to liek it the other evening and was getting annoyed with the guitars, and i suddenyl thought of WILD WEST films... specifically BAD wild west films, or even spaghetti westerns, this of course set of hysterical giggling from me, becuase it was just so silly, and i felt guilty, but now ive related that to it, everytime i hear it i can just see a bunch of cowboys riding across a fake monument valley, on the lookout for something... (you knwo the type of terrible film score im thinking of right?)
    I can;t tell you, tis silly, and you'll get put off the song...
    it sounds so weird all those portugese sounding guitars and shizz..
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