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  • Vic and Bob are a great double act. I'd like to get them on DVD or something. Donald Cox the sweaty fox was brilliant..:)

    That's another book i need to read..:)
    I've never read that book. Did you see Shooting Stars and all that. It was such a great show..:)

    Nice to see that your thread was built on such solid foundations...:) If inspector Morse comes on just be sure before you get everyone's hopes up..:)
    It was pretty crap, no one good was on. Vic Reeves is usually alright - but not very funny that night...:)
    I knew i should never have made that public....! My shame is out...:)

    And i loved the way you handled your mistake! "Oh well, my mistake"....i thought "Public flogging"..:) That's half an hour of my life that i'll NEVER get back. Alright, i would only have wasted it anyway...:)
    It's not pissing down, so no risk of flooding, so you've got to be grateful for small mercies...:)

    How's life for you? And thanks for getting me to watch that show that DIDN'T mention Morrissey....:) I'll get you back!!
    :p Well I agree with you, why should we care about her anymore than anyone else this may have happened too. I remember reading something Moz said about the case which was very true but I can't remember the exact quote at the moment!
    Anyway take your time posting the book, maybe when the postmaster is less argumentative :p
    Hahaha, I work near Tower Bridge, not tower block. :D
    I'm aftraid I have no musical talent and didn't have a chance to learn any instrument.

    Actually I had no idea why David asked me to be a mod.
    Possibly I often online during the day I suppose.
    Well, I have to go now, have a good evening. ;)
    Wow, you should post something on youtube. ;)
    Can you play some other instruments such as guitar, piano etc?
    I work in an office near Tower Bridge, it's OK.
    Hi there, I'm fine thanks.
    What's up tonight?
    I have to go to work in 90 minutes. :(
    No, I mean they interviewed him on suspicion for having ties with the IRA (propably because of his Irish roots and his hatred of Maggie Thatcher).
    Yes, I heard about that too, American customs seems awfully stern at the moment, I suppose with due cause....but I always think America is often terrified of something or another.
    Well, at least they tried to get Thatcher...
    Did you hear that Morrissey got interviewed by the police over that? Possibly that's just Johnny Rogan's artistic liberalism with the truth :p
    That seems a little more European that ours.
    Could I ask you, because you are from southern Ireland, what are your view of the IRA?
    Yes, I'm sure it would be very romantic but you underestimate the Scottish weather! :p
    Plus, i need a permanent address for the college to pay my rent, otherwise I'd have to get a JOB, you must know that is a terrible prospect ;)
    What is the Irish education system like? Do you do Highers or A Levels?
    Oh, not too much, I spend last week having social encouters that lasted far too long, I'm recovering, and soon I will pack my bags and leave this humdrum town for brighter lights, still need to find somewhere to LIVE. Anything new in yours?
    Hmm, I'm not sure about that one, I usually don't use names for chords, I just memorise them! But If i do happen to find the name for that chord I'll tell you, it looks like it might be a B something, if you understand me, but it's quite far up the neck.
    How are you today anyway, mon ami?
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