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  • I can still see mine...and yours....Maybe it was a fleeting moment in which the signature made a departure and now is forthcoming...or some shit....:D
    Awww, thank you! I think the main reason I can't fit into smaller clothes is that I have big... things. You get the drift. I'm embarassing myself if not you. :o
    Why don't you post any pictures of yourself? Or are they hidden away back somewhere on the Members' Pics thread?
    Thank you, but it doesn't change anything. My legs are the worst. I can't wear most boots because they won't zip up my calves. They're really more cows than calves.
    What doesn't help is that everyone my age I know is much slimmer than me. I'm 3 sizes bigger than some of them! :tears:
    I hate baths more, but I have this horrible feeling that I'm getting fatter and bustier by the day. Showers just remind me of this.
    XDDDDDDD Was it with Imperial Leather's Ecstasy- and Heroin-infused shower gel, by any chance? :D
    I should probably have a shower soon. It'll be horrible, though, because showers are miserable for me.
    I don't remember. I think it had something to do with fitness and health, most likely. Heart rate, muscle endurance, something like that.
    Why not go the whole hog and do PE topless too? Start a nudist colony on the playing field. :D
    They'll think, 'Wow, where's the time machine?' because they'll think we're Victorians. :D
    Oh deary dear! The only detention I've actually had was because I forgot to do PE homework. Then I forgot to see the teacher to get help for it.
    Awww, *patpat* Make yourself some trackie bottoms! :D Or shorts. They'll do, won't they? :D
    Don't worry, I can't dance either! I have no rhythm! :D
    Well, I'll try not to bring you down. You wouldn't happen to be on drugs, would you? :p
    It is quite nice. Thank you. :) Sounds suitable for dancing to. *ballroom dances* Care to join me?
    Thank you, because it most certainly is awful, being female and shizz :D. No, there is little chance that I'm on drugs, thank you very much! :p
    I've never heard of this song. I'll it.
    Life has seemingly given me an excess of oestrogen and progesterone which is combining together to create some great thunderstorm of melancholy.
    It would also appear that I'm on drugs, but this is not the case. :p
    Yeah, haven't been on here for any length of time with moving house and thus meaning I have to pretend to be sociable and turn up at parties and so on. It's a drag :rolleyes:
    I'm ok, just out of the shower and think I'll spend the day watching movies, what about yourself?
    Glad you don't hate Sir Paul anymore, you've seen the light ;)
    Heather said you made a NAR Last fm page? Do you have a link so I can check out your hard work?
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