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  • A Northsider who hates the Northside?!?!?!? Jayziz! I'm a Southsider born and bred. I suppose the Southside is different to the Northside.
    Didnt we manage to put songs up at one point?
    I'm very well thanks, off to Germany tomorrow so just packing.
    What the hell were you doing posting porn in the Pigsty? I saw the post was edited to say 'porn removed'. Explain. ;)
    Hey, just checked the NAR last fm page and there is four radom songs, none of which are by us on is John Cooper Clarke...could you please either tell me how to upload songs or do it for me? I need the password or something anyway
    Guest is brilliant. There's a few movies of his i haven't seen and i'll need to sort that. I presume you've seen Spinal Tap and all that? He was great in that as Nigel Tuffnell...:)

    Rockabilly has a certain charm but it's designed to make you move. And i'm not sure i want any musical genre to have that kind of hold over me. Now THAT'S lazy..:)

    This guy Angus is showing tourists around the local village. He points to fields surrounded by fences and says - "See those fences, i built every one of those fences. Do they call me Angus the Fencebuilder? No they dont! See those houses, i built every single one of those houses. Do they call me Angus the House-builder? No the do not! See those roads? I built every single road in this village, do they call me Angus the Road-builder? No they DO NOT! I f*** one sheep!!!

    Hope you're well?
    The loop was a good track but not sure i'd want it all the time. I'm sure there's some good C&W out there, maybe some authentic stuff that's really depressing in intent rather than syrrupy garbage...:)

    I saw the Larry Sanders one and thought he was a right tosser! Everyone has bad days but everyone can make an effort. I pissed myself when Sanders made himself a drink and didn't get Gervais! I thought Gervais handled him well and made him look right a right C**T!...:)

    She's got a great voice. Listen to 'Over the Rainbow' and if your not weeping in 1 minute you could technically be dead...:) Has Morrissey's cynicism corrupted you at such an early age?!

    I hope you're doing well mad.

    Oh and did you hear the one about the guy who played a C&W album backwards? He got hiw wife, his house and his dog back...:)
    Never heard of her. I had a brief flirtation with the Stray Cats years ago and though Moz was heading that way with a few tracks. If he starts doing Country and Western, i'll have to make my excuses and leave..:)

    Did you ever see the interview with Larry David and Ricky Gervais? It was pretty good. Lots of good insights into the show.

    I bought a CD by Eva Cassidy and she has an amazing voice. A bit lighter and prettier than i'm used to but fantastic all the same.
    Suzy gets the best lines..:)

    Well, some of them are pretty how shall we say, Nutcases with aggresive haircuts and faces more than mean than there lives could ever have been...:) Not sure i want to grapple with members of the criminal fraternity..:)

    I hope life is treating you well?
    hi there, fav live song?? umm...lots, wud love to hear speedway, girl least likely, november. cried me eyes out wen he did never played symphonies at brum few years ago, just love that song. lovin the new rocky this charming man, hope he does that one, theres just so many to choose from. wot bout you? have you seen him live? wots your fav? i go wiv me sister, hazy1971, no one else i know round ear likes him!! they got no taste!best gig so far was manchester apollo, rott tour, front row, blew a kiss and he nodded and thanked me.... i will die with a smile on my face. xx
    thankyou, your such a sweet boy, im not very good with this computer stuff, had slate and chalk when i was at skool!! great to see young blood enjoying moz, u got tickets for any gigs? im off to cambridge in may, seen moz 24 times, not much compared to some on here, always a grt time had..
    Well he is from Billingham which is near Newcaastle still has the accent:horny:.
    I slept on a bridge last night as i was in line to get tickets for T in the park. I was of course sucessful:).
    I do remember it. That memorable scene when everyone comes out with unbelievable filth....!!! I think 'Car-Wash-c***' was one of!

    It doesn't take much to make sure your 'business' has flushed away - we are not animals. And you can't really knock on someones door and say "Excuse me, can you make sure you flush properly"....:) Is that too much to ask..:)

    Oh right. It's early days though and i'm sure it'll work out. Have a good weekend man..:)
    I haven't seen series three for a while. Maybe you could remind me of some of the episodes..:)

    I made something in the end and it was okay. Living in temporary allows you to feel like a fugetive from justice or something, without having to go to the lengths of harming anyone..:) The only problem is a shared toilet, and one guy forgets to flush and that's one of my pet hates. PLUS, he leaves the toilet seat down so you have to lift it. It could by psychological games he's playing with me, but if he starts that, he will LOSE..:) Though my paranoia could be on high alert these days..:)

    I hope you are well man? How's the band going these days?
    Well i am glad you are willing to look into them due to my valid opinion. Once you get into them you wont look back and you will be wanting to run off to Newcastle ( i really want to do this i might go down for the day:p)
    i have an uncle who lives there and other relatives on my mom's side of the family
    but i plan on traveling across both parts of the island, gonna go look into that after my make my eggs, read you later dude :)
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