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  • How do I go about getting Packers tickets? It's not clear from this side of the pond. The first match of the championship is on my birthday and wated a trip over there (long shot I know)

    Thank you so much for inviting me to the Cat & Fiddle that night. You're the tops! *hug* I hope we'll meet again.
    Yeah Eduardo!!!
    I am going to Ventura, Indio, and the Gibson! Would love to see you before a gig! What are your plans? I hope you have been well! - Love, Laura :)
    Hey Eduardo!
    How is life in Phoenix? It is bloody hot here! Will you be coming out for Morrissey's LA show in December? I hope so! Would love to see you! Hope things have been going well! Love, Laura : )
    hey hey!!!, ages since I last log in here, so please excuse my delay now, have already sent you an email, so glad to be in touch :)
    Virgil has me very worried about him too. I really want to hear from him, but all quiet. Anyone else heard anything?
    Well HELLO right back atcha!
    HOWS YOU? so sad that those gigs all got called off, hope you still managed to enjoy yourself and see some stuff in london? i visited some places like Handels house and went up the monument and tower bridge. so it wasnt a complete loss, and i made it to all 4 reschedules and they were all ACE!! (that prob doesnt help, does it, LOL)
    Eduardo is that you??? I tried to find you when I got home from Manchester! I hope this is you! Hope you have been well!- love, Laura : )
    oi oi! remind me WHO you are if ive met you?
    (no offence but i get confused sometimes, nice to put a face to the name)
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