• aww too bad! Well they are simply too adorable can't wait to see more of 'em on here!! :)
    I just saw your little knitted Morrisseys, is there anyway to buy one? Too freaking adorable! :o
    hey mate! Ha ha! Thanks for answering my Q! Also how long have you been into SPM?! Many more to follow! Take care, Karrie :)
    Thanks for such a quick response! Yeah the last cat I had a Maine Coon/tiger mix died at the ripe old age of 16! I dread to think that G's days are #rd! :0 At his last vet visit he was diagnosed w/ having the early stages of kidney disease + he drinks a whole lot of water & has to have it ICE COLD! Btw what do you mean by 'moggies'? Are you a Brit?! Just a wild guess ; can tell by your language usages! I also have 2 bunny rabbits as well ; they're like my babies! :) Yeah I recall reading ages ago in one of my Smiths bks that Moz had a cat named Tibby that lived to be 23yrs old! :O Wowee! Your dolls are not daft! Wish I could get my paws on them! They are adorable! Thanks for writing me back Kate! Pleased to make your acquaintence, Karrie :)
    hi again! Thanks for adding me to your friend list! Yes, I know I posted previously that I LOVE your knitted Moz/Smiths creations! I actually found those on accident a couple yrs back on the gallery pg here on solo and I thought how cute and clever are those and how neat it would be to be able to purchase such in a craft store or something like that! Yeah right, like that'd ever happen though! anyways, I just wanted to ty again for adding me as your friend on here. I'd love to know more about you and your cats! :D I have a soon to be 15 yr old white Turkish Angora mix cat named "Giorgio". He's much like a younger brother to me! Later, take care, Karrie :)
    Hi I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your "Knitted Morrissey/Smiths" creations! Just saw your recent Moz YOR ansd Smiths-era Morrissey ones! These are TOO CUTE! Also would like to add you as a friend if that's ok. I LOVE KITTIES TOO!xxxKarrie
    Well, I understand but no "goods", "okays', ect.
    Out of politeness?

    One major thing i just wanted to asked is if it was too vague.
    Is it?
    i'm sorry- this is Kali - ever since my PC was hacked, I lost all of my friends here. I even had to change my user name (iamkali) and my password. Anyway, if you'd still like to be friends, the invitation is always there :o)
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