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  • Would you mind changing the other pic? Its nice but ... I dont like the downward look ...

    I am actually using this brand before I knew about this ad

    Thankyou :D When I set the colours I genuinely didn't know what colour would go where, so I just did it at random.
    :D I like yours too, nice contrast with the grey, yellow and green. :thumb:
    have to confess I don't even know where cleveland is :( :blushing: But there a some high-res pics on the interweb (see last Post). Maybe Moz plays Cleveland and you can combine ?
    Hi, whereabouts do you live - roughly?
    did you come across this site
    http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/friedrich_caspar_david.html ?
    where you can locate works of your fave artist?
    :) Might be somewhere near you ...

    I am into art history, so ... :p I like how CDF irritates the sense of perspective ánd proportion.

    Here vastness isn't vast once you're attracted to a certain spot (like the tree). It seems quite close, then jumps away.
    Tip a really huge version with sheep here http://www.artrenewal.org/asp/database/image.asp?id=9598&hires=1

    Some pics could inspire s.o. to create a story as
    Woman at a Window 1822
    [IMG]Seems like an interior til you notice the passing mast-head and the position of her feet and it doesn't seem sad or boring at all ...
    Hi welcome to the board, tbishop ! thank you for adding me! Have you ever seen a Caspar David Friedrich on display? esp. the huge ones? Even the smaller ones leave so much room to breathe
    Hey, thanks for the add a while ago. I'm trying to actually leave comments on the pages of people who added me, but hadn't got round to it. :)
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