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    TTY: Universal Music, the approach made to David Joseph, since denied by David Joseph

    I was thinking it must be a piss take, but when 130 people have been killed then surely not even he would be that stupid. It's ludicrous isn't it. His legacy is being completed tainted by this idiotic behaviour in the last few years.
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    Is there anybody who saw Morrissey on his last tour and was seriously disappointed?

    I thought that the MEN gig was awful. One of the worst I have been to. The last decent one I witnessed was Stoke on Trent in 2011. That was a good one. None are a patch on the unsigned tour of 2002.....That was quality
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    Manchester - Manchester Arena (July 28, 2012) post-show

    Many people have put their usernames to the criticism, me included. I am not a moz hater as you put it. Having been to 15 plus shows over the years, I think that gives me the right to criticise when the night is not as good as I have seen previously. Too many people blindly follow and can...
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    Manchester - Manchester Arena (July 28, 2012) post-show

    Because not everyone there is a morrissey disciple like some are. Everyone knows that morrissey is vegetarian and that's his choice. Many people in the crowd are not and that is their choice. People don't need to be lectured to and can make their own mind up.
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    Manchester - Manchester Arena (July 28, 2012) post-show

    Couldnt agree more on tour. The morrissey can't do wrong brigade will disagree but overall it was flat. 2002 Blackburn seems a very long time ago.
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    Manchester - Manchester Arena (July 28, 2012) post-show

    Thought it was average to be honest. The start was good but the middle was too flat and too long. By the time speedway came on, people were leaving. The setlist was lacklustre in my opinion. 16000 people are not all huge morrissey fans and Scandinavia,action is my middle name, to give is the...
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    The Smiths Indeed - 'The Queen Is Dead' 25th anniversary tour (UK dates Oct-Dec 2011)

    Re: The Smiths Indeed - 'The Queen Is Dead' 25th anniversary tour (UK dates Oct-Dec 2 Great night at the ritz last night. Good set, lively crowd and decent numbers too.must have been at least 500 or so there.
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    Are we looking at the second coming of the Wilderness years?

    If he toured every couple of years with Setlists like this I would be happy. I quite like 2 of the new songs and should he release an album in future years I would buy it and listen to it. I dont find myself listening to the Quarry onwards albums very often though to be honest. In the car on...
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    Are we looking at the second coming of the Wilderness years?

    For me the wilderness tours of 1999, 2002 and now have been the best by far. Long may the wilderness continue....
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    What was Stoke like, then???

    Ranks number 2 out of 15 concerts I have been. It was superb from start to finish. Fantastic venue.
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    Stoke-on-Trent - Victoria Hall (July 5, 2011) post-show

    Morrissey just gets better and better. An absolutely superb night. Grimsby was good last week but tonight was on another level. He seems very happy at the moment and is feeding off the crowd adulation that he gets. If I never saw him again that concert would live in the memory forever...
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    Grimsby after-show

    Thanks for organising the event Alf. It was a decent turn out and at £2 a pint we had a great time.
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    'f***' says Morrissey and the band

    I think its funny. Anonamous posters are the problem and should be arrested immediately.....If we knew who they were!!!
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    Telegraph's Interview & Q&A with Morrissey

    I think the interviewer did a good job for once and the answers Morissey gives seem to be from a relaxed man. The Smiths were perfect musically for me and nothing that he and Johnny could do together now would replicate that. I think the Autobiography to fans on here will be like when the...
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    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    Re: I think we can all agree that Morrissey's 3 new songs are pretty bad I agree with this. They are a long way from I know its over, Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me, Speedway, Now my heart is full, Nobody loves us... I think the musical input nowadays is poor.
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