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    "Morrissey: lunatic seer of the modern world" - Unherd (May, 6, 2020)

    Enjoyed this article very much, not sycophantic back patting or blind devotee nonsense, but a considered and affectionate look at Moz. Especially enjoyed the bit where he mentioned Morrissey has told us all since ‘83 what he’s like, we shouldn’t be surprised.
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    10 best songs from the Joe Chiccarelli era

    1: My Love I’D Do Anything For You 2: What Kind of People Live In These Houses? 3: Istanbul 4: Morning Starship 5: Spent The Day In Bed 6: Mountjoy 7: Once I Saw The River Clean 8:Some Say I Got Devil 9: Back On The Chain Gang 10: Oboe Concerto
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    Poll Opening songs

    Moz often has fantastic openers and album closers Maladjusted Now My Heart is Full Alsatian Cousin The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils Our Frank My Love I’d Do Anything For You Jim Jim Falls Your Gonna Need Someone On Your Side Something is Squeezing My Skull I Will See You In Far Off...
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    Top 5 Morrissey album covers

    Viva Hate - classic image, divorced from The Smiths and showing it, face frontal on the cover. Your Arsenal / Beethoven was Deaf - Great, cheeky covers from Linder showing Moz in his live element. Southpaw Grammar - though it’s confusing why Moz temporarily went back to the Smiths cover stars...
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    Tobias on IANADOAC

    How would you know if you didn’t listen to the new record? Or have you, and thus gone against your word, and given the bloated racist some money!?!
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    Tobias on IANADOAC

    Anyone else impressed with Jesse Tobias on the new album? Know he gets a bit of stick on here, but I think some of his guitar playing and tone on this new record is really great, particularly “Jim Jim Falls” “IANADOAC” “Who Lives in These Houses?”
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    "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" released (March 20, 2020)

    Had two listens thus far and undoubtably more and more in these trying times to come, so my opinion is likely to develop. However as of now, Jim Jim Falls - 7, great opener, think people who take the suicide angle literally are taking it a little too seriously. Love Is On It’s Way Out - 6...
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    Paul Heaton slags off Morrissey and praises Marr in new song

    As I said earlier somewhere, I love Housemartins, and am a fan of the beautiful south and Heaton as a bloke. That said, I don’t remember a tune that pisses me off as much as his new one in a long time, “you and me are meant to be together” whatever it is called. Twee, sugary tripe.
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    In light of everything...

    I did make mention of the ticket sales, that’s a negative I do acknowledge. However many here expected cancellations, which did not occur and poor atmosphere, which did not occur. In future Morrissey should opt for smaller venues, halls and theatres, not just because he has lost some selling...
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    In light of everything...

    was the tour a success? Before the tour, this forum was full of talk of horrendous sales, definite cancellations, the impact of coronavirus and poor set-lists. Now, Moz did not sell out the venues, but in the grand scheme of things, with the years he has had, the comments he has made, the...
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    you must have nipped our to the bar or momentarily dipped into a short sleep, “Seasick” was definitely performed.
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    Leeds - First Direct Arena (Mar. 6, 2020) post-show

    Considering the amount of bad press coming from this site towards the gig, and the unavoidable fact that it wasn’t selling brilliantly, it was a great evening. It filled up okay, floor was full, the seating that was available was almost full, sad to see so much of it cordoned off but hey ho. I...
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    "Knockabout World" released on YouTube / streaming platforms (Feb. 21, 2020)

    maladjusted is the opening to the book that never was, one of my favourite Morrissey songs ever, a fantastic lyrical effort backed by ominous, thundering music, would love to see it return to live shows.
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    "Knockabout World" released on YouTube / streaming platforms (Feb. 21, 2020)

    Has the song been removed? I can’t access it anywhere!?!
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