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    NYC Hammerstein Ballroom new date Sep. 17; Apollo Theater cancelled due to scheduling issues with the venue

    I doubt it. Plan on it to get moved to 2021, possibly. We now have the lowest infection numbers in the US, but I expect a very cautious approach by our Governor. Which will certainly mean no large gatherings. We are currently in Phase 2 reopening and concerts are not permitted until Phase 4.
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    Morrissey drive in concert - would you go?

    He could play the parking lots at Jones Beach or Nassau Coliseum a la 1991. Both large enough and fits enough cars. Wouldn't be the same atmosphere for him or us, but to hear his voice and experience something new, I'd do it!
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    NYC Hammerstein Ballroom new date Sep. 17; Apollo Theater cancelled due to scheduling issues with the venue

    Agreed about being disappointed about the Apollo cancellation. Plus that venue is much higher profile for him. Hoping for more dates added at the Hammerstein or a residency a la 2007!
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    Official Facebook New York dates added: Hammerstein Ballroom (Mar 20), Apollo Theater (Mar 21)

    Anybody know what those East boxes & West boxes are on the sides of the balcony for the Hammerstein?
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    Morrissey to play at the Cruel World Festival (Carson, CA, May 2, 2020)

    There was also a NY Times article out this week explaining that Blue was originally scheduled for Broadway, but since B'way theaters are so in demand now, they had to move to the Apollo as Blue could not secure a B'way venue. So a change of plans. Hopefully they have room for a weeks residency...
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    Morrissey expresses gratitude for loving messages after his son Dude's death - "so little time"

    I have always called my cat "my son". I have six, but he's the only one that I refer to in such a way cause I am the closest to him.
  7. sweetness522 TCU Place, Saskatoon - date brought forward to 22nd of October

    Last time I was up front and didn't see the screens, so thanks for letting me know.
  8. sweetness522 TCU Place, Saskatoon - date brought forward to 22nd of October

    I'd have to agree about it not being the best place to see him. But at least they do have the video screens if you are far back. I saw him in Forest Hills and for those folks sitting far back there were no video screens, so they basically saw nothing and it is not a small venue (15,000). But if...
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    Mporium UK: new T-shirt additions (11 September, 2019)

    I agree. It ruins the shirt for me. Such an odd, random and sloppy placement of the text.
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    Morrissey Central: "New York City 34th Penn Station" (6 Sept., 2019)

    I was so excited to see the Queens shirt since it's my hometown and I still live here.
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    Morrissey Central: "New York" & "Morrissey Is A New York Doll" (21 August, 2019)

    There's lots of Ramones history in the area, two murals, Forest Hills High School (Rock & Roll High School), the childhood homes of several members of the band, Thorneycroft Ramp where they used to hang out and get into trouble, and bit further out, Rockaway Beach.
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    Forest Hills, NY show 2019-09-07 selling 4 tickets for $99 (no fees) this weekend

    Not necessarily due to "appaling sales", Forest Hills Stadium does this for many shows (including Blondie/Elvis Costello), especially to sell the Upper tier, and for Moz it's the Upper tier only that is available at this price.
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    Manhattan Today - Morrissey Central

    Your lovely wife got a photo of it on Saturday! I spotted it and told her to quickly snap away (I was too slow with the camera).
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    New York City, NY - Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (May 11, 2019) post-show

    Totally agree, I leave politics out of my personal relationships and my music and I'm very thankful for that. Keeps one sane. I caught all 7 and it was a dream come true to have him on Broadway. The love for him was like no other and he certainly felt it. The final show and last Saturday were...
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    Morrissey on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (May 13, 2019) - reminder / reports

    It's booked a month in advance so no way to know that he'd be on the show. Only way is standby and that's only if someone cancels. Can't risk waiting around all day again (as I did previously) to be turned away. It's painful to know he's in my city and I can't go but at least we can watch it...
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