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  • Ok, just saw you were at Foxwoods too! What was that shirt you gave him??? How awesome!! I was pretty far back in the balcony at Foxwoods - but dancing and singing my heart out the whole time.
    I didn't get into NY at all when he was there but I did go w/ a girlfriend to Foxwoods in CT to see him. Then I was so smitten after that (it had probably been 8 or 9 years since I had seen him live) that I saw him again a few weeks later by myself when I went on vacation to Texas. 1st row! And I haven't been the same since. lol. It's true. :) Did you travel to England to see him????? (ok,I'm nosy and was reading some of the messages below) If so that is AWESOME and I would LOVE to that sometime. But then again - next time I would consider traveling to somewhere where he isn't quite as popular so that perhaps I am able to get front row again?? If you're the type that goes out for a drink, I'll let you know the next time I'm in Queens (usually 2 / 3 times a year when I visit my friend). Ciao.
    Hi Sweetness. So what gave it away - my oh so orginal username? :) I used to live in Queens (Forest Hills and Briarwood) but now I'm about an hour north of the city in the Hudson Valley. I still try to get into Queens every so often to visit a friend in Bayside (and when I can go to Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills - although haven't been in ages). Nice to "meet" you and maybe we'll bump into each other at a show sometime - it would be so fun to see a show w/ a fellow frinker. (I wanted to go into Brooklyn last week and see the Sons and Heirs but I didn't make it).
    Hi Diane!
    I will send you all of my pics from our journey! just tell me how to send them. I can include them in email. I'm not positive how to send pics on My Space. I can post them on there. I just didn't want to post anyone's pic without permission. Let me know. Hope you had an awesome 4th! Love, Laura : )
    Hi Diane!
    One more week! I can't wait. Unfortunately my new school year starts August first. How are you? Things here have been insane lately. I am going to DC in about two weeks so as soon as school gets over I have to prepare for that. I hope things are going well for you!- Love, laura ; )
    Hi Diane!
    I can't seem to add you on My Space either! It says I need your last name or email in order to request adding you as a friend! We will have to figure this out! I have pics for you too!Hope you are well! - Love, Laura : )
    Hi! I haven't ordered any pictures either, for the same reason! I'm still trying to get back into "the swing of things" here. ugh. I hope to see you on the next excursion!
    hey diane,
    i was going to message you and you beat me to it! manchester/london were great and i wish i could go back in october, but cannot. i'll be waiting for the west coast dates as well.
    hmm, do you want me to try and post it for you? Then you can see how the code is done if you reply to what I post
    Hi Diane!
    It was so wonderful to meet you in Manchester and share the Moz bus tour! Are you home now? I hope the rest of your trip was wonderful! Meeting you was one of my most favorite memories! I hope you are well! Take care! - Love, Laura
    I was on the left side of the stage, near Boz. I threw a Elvis DVD/Cd on stage. I thought he would never come over, so I could give it to him.
    Hey. Any luck with giving him the shirt in Boston?? I'm dying to hear... Still hoping we can plan some kind of NY get-together. Did you get my PM?
    Hey D, I probably saw you last night but just didn't know it! Glad to hear you didn't get thrashed around down there in the thick of it. I felt SAFE up there and I could see Moz really good only I couldn't see Matt or the new keyboardist AT ALL but hey I come for Moz and Moz only so not a big deal! I bought a magnet too in the HOB store! I was w/ my folks lame I know, but I don't have any Mozpals that could go w/ me or would want to for that matter so....we ate dinner in the rest I had a nice plate of steamed BROCOLLI my fave! All veg for me! :) I love the pic of Moz on the cover of YOR so I bought that tee w/ the US tour dates on back + the poster of said pic! Will go on my bedroom door! :D Maybe we'll get to meet next time he comes back to Boston cos I will DEFINITELY be there no doubt! Cheers! Karrie
    Aww, we never got to meet at the show last night! :( Where were you standing at? I was up in the 2nd tier of the balcony RIGHT above the left side of the stage! Could see Mozzie in all his gorgeous glory! :D I'm sad now though cuz I've no idea when I'll see him again :( Hope he comes back in the fall! Bcnya-Kar
    I wrote you that I had a very bad cold on the weekend so I had to skip that one.
    Going tonight though so I can tell you the Israel story later.
    Her email is: [email protected]
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