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  • OMG!!! Diane! I didn't realize you were there! WOW! Oh how awful! That must have been so scary! Oh Diane I am so sorry you were at that show and you didn't get to see him perform that night in all his glory. That must have been the worst not knowing what was happening to him. Are you home now???
    I can't wait to see you!! Woo-Hoo! I won't be able to go down early, but I am hoping I'll be there by 5:30 or 6:00. So glad you are coming out! The theatre is so pretty!
    There should be. It is small but I don't know if it will sell out before tomorrow. Somehow I doubt it. No I didn't do the Ventura Show the last time as I had the Paladium shows but after I didn't I had wished I had. I saw Les Claypool there a few months back and it is a small old theatre.
    I don't understand how they justify charging such high prices. i want to get the tickets today because I have plans in the morning so I want to get out of here at a reasonable time.
    hi Diane!
    I am trying to preorder Swords so I can do the presale today but I cannot find where I can preorder it. I assumed it was Itunes. So frustrating. Are you going to do Ventura? I can get your ticket if you want if I can get this to work that is!
    Hi Diane! Thank you for offering! That would be awesome! My phone number is 805-796-1655! I thought I might have missed the announcement this morning as I haven't been online all day!
    Ventura is very close to me. I live in Ventura County. The next city is the LA County line. LA is big so it would depend on where you are in LA as far as the distance. Ventura should be GA so getting there early is key. From my house Ventura is about 45 minutes and from most places in LA I would guess you could get there in an hour or less. I want to know when the tickets go on sale.
    I want to do Ventura and the Gibson Amp. I am just stressing over getting tickets at the moment. Ventura is awesome. i saw Les Claypool there a few months ago. It has a railing and partition above the pit area and that is where I think I will stand. You can see great and don't have to worry about being injured.
    im not sure bout the uk now. i have a wedding to go to in nov and im going back to india in dec so im trying to save$$$. it all depends bout the $$$. in other news. im moving back to brooklyn mid oct.
    thanks for the compliments bout the site.:)
    how you been?
    Hi Diane

    Myself and Lisa are great thanks.We are both going to Dublin but as yet none of us are going to the UK gigs.So it looks like our meeting will be put off again until Morrisseys next tour.If anything changes and either of us end up going over to any of the UK shows I'll let you know.
    Hope your keeping well.

    Hi Diane!
    Yes it is driving me crazy! I don't want to miss the announcement like I did last December for the birthday show sale! So frustrating!
    hey diane, i am actually leaving for california in 2 weeks. haha i guess i might have to fly back out there in december if he adds more dates!

    have a blast in the uk!
    wasnt it you, who always had planned to visit berlin? now you the perfect excuse-el moz!;)
    greets fellow frink sister*waves*
    The SB Bowl is an outdoor venue with seating. It is a beautiful place for a concert under the stars! Although in December it may be a bit too chilly for that!
    I hope he does multiple. If he has no other plans for other cities then he definitely should! I would love if he'd play the Santa Barbara Bowl. It is small and intimate. Over the years I have seen him there at least 3 times. He might do the Paladium again now that it has been refurbished. If it is December and he is indeed living in LA then he might do more than one as he will be done with the make up dates for Europe. I can't wait to see him!! Maybe I can finally give him his Birthday gift!
    Hi Diane!
    Are you coming out for the LA show??? Let me know if you need a place to stay! i can't wait until he announces the date! It was so weird yesterday I was gonna call Mell all day and ask if she has heard anything about an LA show anytime soon, late last night I read her email about LA. Very bizarre!! Mozzer must have been sending out mental messages... Love, Laura : )
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