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My one true love, from NYC

sweetness522 was last seen:
Feb 14, 2020
    1. mell
      HAHA...you mean, you didn't wake up in the middle of the night last night hearing my scream over here on the West Coast followed by my wimpering happy tears? :D Ohhh I am SO excited. I just started a new job (:(), so my plans of following Moz around the US might not be able to happen, but I hope we'll have a chance to finally meet in person! I will try my best to go to as many West Coast shows as I can and...maybe, if there are some Midwest & East Coast weekend shows I will do those. Ohh and small venues! I want some tiny venues! I can't wait!!!!! xox mell :)
    2. mell
      Hi Diane, yes, I'm in the last few days of my vacation before I start my new job! I'm soo bummed that I have to start being a working stiff once again (but on the other hand, SOOO thankful that I a found a job in this economy)! Did you listen to the Moz + Janice show? Ohh gosh, how cute is he?? :sweet: When he laughs & giggles I'm reminded just how much I just luv him. :o
    3. Mozzy1
      My profile is ended as of today. Take care & it was nice speaking w/ you in the chatroom. Have a good life.

      [email protected]
    4. scottishblood
      Hi Diane, I'm sure you camera will be just fine and I'm waiting with anticipation to see all those lovely pics from your trip. How long is it now till you go? I hope you are not getting depressed reading Scarlet Ibis's account of her trip. I think a trip is definetly what YOU make it and maybe she came here with too many expectations and it didn't live up to what she had hoped. There are idiots everywhere and you just have to try and ignore them and have fun. Have you got the pre- holiday nerves yet. I always have to keep checking my tickets and passport - I'm such a nerd. But once I get to the airport I'm fine and I get into holiday mode. Hope everything is going well. Take care,
    5. mell
      Aww the root canal sounds awful! :tears: At least you got it done before your trip to London! I am SO jealous that you're going there! I was hoping to squeeze in an international trip somewhere before I start my new job on Oct 27th, but I don't think it's gonna happen. :o I hope you have a great time! I also think Moz is going to do a UK tour very soon--usually he does shows there in December, so I'm surprised dates haven't been announced yet. He should realize that some of us need time to plan our trips!!! :p I agree that if Moz does any small venues in the US, I will also fly out to see him there. A few months ago I went to the House Of Blues in San Diego for the first time and thought how cool it would be to see Moz play such a small venue. I only realized later that he did do a HOB in South Carolina (?) last fall and it must've been AMAZING. LA crowds are totally insane and rough, so I hope next time around I can see him somewhere a little more mellow. I am crossing my fingers that he decides to do the small venues again in 2009. I saw him in Tijuana last fall and it was absolutely magical. :)
    6. mell
      Hi Diane :) Are you finally over your cold? I hope you are feeling much better by now!!! I feel like it's been a million years since I last saw Moz in concert, so like you, I told myself that I would fly to see him if that's what I have to do! I was so excited and feeling hopeful all summer that he would announce some shows for this fall/winter. At the end of the month I'll be starting a new job so now I'm paranoid that they won't be happy about me taking vacation, so the Moz shows might have to wait. :tears: I just hope he does another US tour really soon ('cause short weekend trips to see Moz should be totally manageable)!!!
    7. Corrissey
      Yeay! Glad to hear it... will you post a pic of yourself in it? ;)
    8. Mozzy1
      Hello sweetness52,

      Sorry you are ill. I hope you get well soon. We had a great time at the gig. Funnily enough, we thought we were late but, when we got there, we were any hour early. Due to unforseen circumstances, we did not go to the after-party b/c of our jobs...Pete got a call therefore, he had to GO...sucks but, that's our job & our life.

      Otherwise, the gig was terrific. Everyone looked & sounded great. Ian was so "happy", I loved it!

      Well, w/ their new album The Fountain next year coming out, I'm POSITIVE they'll tour here in the states. Therefore, maybe you can go!

      I'm counting the days to Liverpool now...:)

      Keep in touch, Elizabeth
    9. mell
      EEKS! You poor thing! :( Well, I will send some healing vibes your way--there definitely seems to be something going around, all my friends are getting sick!!! I am really excited too that there has been a tiny little blurb about Moz shows next year, but he CAN'T miss out doing another US tour! :tears: We didn't get any shows in 2008 which totally shocked me--I was convinced there would be a fall tour! Well, if he DOES skip the US, I might consider taking a trip to the UK to see him. That would be the next best thing to seeing him close to home. :) I hope you feel better very soon!!! *hug* :)
    10. mell
      Hi D, how are you?? :) I haven't talked to you in ages, so I hope you are well! I just saw your sig pic--where is that from? It looks new to me! :eek: Mozzy looks so handsome in it!!!
    11. Corrissey
      Hi D, My girlfriend gave it to me a very long time ago, I don't know where she bought it at. Mine is a medium (I'm an 8 in clothes) but I would have rather had a large. It's a baby doll tee, but I don't care for shirts fitting that tightly...even if it does 'enhance' things :p I've been careful to never put it in the dryer either.

      It's a must have Moz shirt, you have to get one!! :guitar:
    12. Mozzy1
      Well, if you decide to go, tonight's the night. Take care & talk to you later. e.
    13. Mozzy1

      Well, good luck to you for the show on Wednesday. I signed up at work to take off on Thursday in case I go to The Beauty Bar for the after-show party. Our seats in case you'd like to meet us: 1stMezz, Row C, seats 406-407. They suck, I know but, better than nothing.

      The party afterwards is at The Beauty Bar: 231 E. 14th St....

      PM me & I can give you my cell if you'd like to plan to meet-up.

      Cheers, e.
    14. dicartwright
      haha I tried 3 new ones in a few minutes! Do you mean the "no no" one I left? I think it is. The man in it is adorable :D
    15. Mozzy1
      I LOVE his solo work. My favorite songs are: Candleland, Dug for Love & his cover of Cohen's, Lover, Lover, Lover, Track 14 on the new Mysterio.

      I wish you A LOT of luck. PM me & I'll give you my cell # so, we can make plans upon meeting, if you'd like to, that is.

      Good luck!!!
    16. Jukebox Jury
      Jukebox Jury
      Thankfully we did meet!
    17. Mozzy1
      Hi Sweetness522,

      Did you get tickets? If so, where are yours? They are still planning a meet-up at the Pig & Whistle bar in the city. I'm still on the edge about it. Well, whenever you have time, just let me know.

      Cheers, e.
    18. Mozzy1
      Hi Sweetness,
      How are you? Sorry for the delay in replies. I only arrived home from London yesterday. I have a MAJOR cold too & working today was not really that good. Yet, the trip was terrific. The gig was fantastic. I'm so very much looking forward to the Liverpool gig more so than NYC's.

      For the NYC gig, we got : section 1STMZ4, row C, seats 406-407 Yes, they are SHITTY seats but, I'll take what I can get.

      Don't be too bummed out, my friend Pete is coming w/ me to that night's gig & to Liverpool in November (Bunnymen are playing Echo Arena on November 27, I'm missing Thanksgiving w/ my family but, they are "cool" about it).

      The night of the NYC gig, October 1, I'm going to have to jet out quick afterwards due to the fact I have to work very, very early the following day. I am still thinking though, of taking off but, I'm not much of a city woman so...maybe not.

      There's a meet-up being planned for Bunnymen fans on the Villiers Terrace forum but, I don't think I'll go to that either. I didn't go to the one for Royal Albert Hall this past 16 of September. See, I'm not a social person. I'm shy/reserved/self-disgusted/self-conscious therefore, I don't "hang out" to meet people, if you can understand what I mean.

      Well, let me know if you get tickets to Radio City and we can talk.

      I'm making a countdown calendar here at work now as I type for my Liverpool trip in November! This will be my 9th time there!

      Cheers, E.
    19. Corrissey
      thanks, dear. dicartwright made some for me. which made for a nice bday pressie :)
    20. modegrrl2
      Hello, yes I live in Brooklyn!
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