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  • I was disappointed in the place, the high street looks lovely, but the rest is just so meh..:)

    You can walk with ease on the streets of my messages. It was just a stabbing, it wasn't fatal you know..:)
    It's good to walk. You should go around the Newbattle woods sometime, it's really lovely. I don't miss Dalkeith much though..

    What kind of wine is it hun? Are things better with the college?

    I posted on my own page again, DOH!!!
    Good to hear....:) Is everything well with you?

    I will have a whisky later. I have to watch my figure though..:)

    How is life treating you?
    It's best to store the nighty nights up..:)

    I am going to bed now. So i will have to say night night and actually mean it..lol!!!

    Take care...xxx
    Well, tomorrow is another day as you know, and i may still die in the night..:) So all these nighty nights will take you beyond the funeral..:)

    Milk and sugar, two sugars to be polite..:)
    Tea would be lovely...:) But not greased tea..:)

    And Fairy is fine. I am man enough to take it...lol!

    Nighty night. You are getting enough nighty nights to last a week here...:)
    Like i said, i've been called much worse..:)

    I would really have to weigh up a fairy and a pixie just to really see what's worse...:)

    Nighty night.xxx You can stay if you want though, some toast would be nice..:)
    Pixie would be better...:) Fairy has other meanings in this country as you know...lol!

    It's your choice hun...:)

    Have a great sleep WHENEVER you decide to go..lol!

    Night night....xxx
    Well, it'll happen. And fairy isn't the worst thing i've been called - today..:) Take my word for it. Things will be fine..:)

    Nighty Night..xxxx
    Okay hun. Have a great kip and don't worry too much.

    Everything will resolve itself and you'll get a job. I KNOW these things..:)

    Nighty Night....xxx
    It'll get better hun. They're probably running around like headless chickens right now trying to organise everything for the new term. It's not an excuse though. Bad patter.

    It'll calm down. Try and relax..:)
    That makes it even worse then. it's just bad organising on their part. can you contact BHS and explain it to them, or is it too late?

    And it's not the first time either that they've let you down...:(
    shower of bastards, that's just bad practise...:( When you get in and established you should let them know how rude that is...!

    I hate it when that happens..:(
    I am doing alright. Well, it must be fine then if they're inviting you in on monday. certainly positive..:)

    It supposed to clear up by the end of the week. We could get some sunshine..:)
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