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  • when did you come in? I am such an Off Topic peep that i rarely check..:)

    How are you doing? College tomorrow?..:)
    which is just typical! People in these kind of structures are always very inconsiderate when you're looking for information. it doesn't seem to dawn on these people that the fact that you need to know what's happening in your life is rather important to you!

    We seem to be avoiding the worst of the weather just now, but not sure it will last.

    How are you doing?
    These pigeons were unbelievably fat, inexcusable really..:)

    I am doing okay, it's a wee bit windy, but we seem to be missing most of the rain. Keep your fingers crossed..:)

    How are you doing?
    The dentist will be fine. I have Bus-Rage too..:) Saw Pigeons today in Musselburgh and they were huge fat things. Obese Pigeons, that'll be the next thing on the news..:)

    Sweet dreams hun...xxx
    I haven't been to Leith for a while, i've avoided the city centre for a few months now. That would be a nightmare, i get road rage, if i actually had a care i won't go APE SHIT!!!..:)

    The Trams will be alright once they're here, but there's just so much destruction in the mean-time.

    Going to bed now, have a lovely sleep and try and tolerate the dentists..:)

    what a nightmare, no wonder people are so grumpy these days..:) And i forgot about the Trams as well. Nightmare!
    two hours!!! Man, that's really a long time. I thought it was bad enough coming from Gilmerton to Telford. And the traffic will be murder first thing in the morning, hence the time it takes.
    What a pain in the arse that is..:) A day off, but a visit to the dentist..:)

    How long does it take you to get to college? do you get a bus straight there?
    I came back..:)

    It will be great and sociology will excite you, and you seem to be into the work and all that so you should be fine..:)

    If you're away, then nighty night..xxx.
    Good subjects..:) Sociology is pretty exciting, you'll probably have to do a report. I enjoyed it when i did it. History really depends on what the teacher is like, if he or she is good then it'll be interesting.

    I'm going for a shower now, i may be around later, if not have a good kip and all that but i'll probably be back at some point..:)
    They are good subjects hun. Sociology is interesting and which historical age are you going to be studying? Have they told you yet?
    That's good..:) And which ones are they? Do you have a lot of work to do away from class? Sounds like good hours though..:)
    Oh well..:) I was so keen to write that i forgot that rather important detail..:)

    What is your timetable like then? Are you doing highers and all that? Is that your first week over?
    You keep fighting the good fight..:) Moz would be proud..:) I remember speaking to a 16 year old at that corn Exchange gig and said that it surprised me that so many young people were into Moz, and she said that if i was 16 these days, who would i be into? Especially with the crap around these days. Pretty convincing..:)
    You'll be disappointed to hear that they didn't...:)

    How was college today. I read that you had made a friend, that's great..:)
    Have fun? That's right be offensive before you go..:)

    I will annoy the Swans and then have to run away from them. Now that's exercise..:)

    Sleep well hun and YOU have fun, i will go for something more realistic, like not wanting to kill anyone..:)

    Nighty Night...xxx
    I may go jogging tomorrow or at least dream about it..:)

    I have stuff to do tomorrow, so i'll be up at a reasonable hour, i won't be awake though..:)

    Enjoy classes.....xxxx
    Hmm, Mum shouting may be the answer to that one..:)

    I have more knowledge than just quavers..:( Chipsticks too, don't underestimate me..:)

    Have a good day tomorrow and try and enjoy it and have a lovely sleep.

    Sleep well...xxx
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