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  • I'll need to go back sometime.

    I know what you mean. The journey is part of it too. It sounds quite serene actually. You never know you may get a sunny day for it..:)

    It was a shit day. Horrible.
    It is very traditional. And the moz stuff is always amazing.

    It probably is cheaper, so that's decided then..:)

    Not may bears around here though. And the weather was shocking today!
    It's nice? No, it's really okay. I walked for ages without finding a Chip shop though...:(

    six hours. I don't think it's that much less on the train, but the view is okay..:)

    I would just slash a bears stomach and sleep inside. That's the plan...:)
    I wasn't overtly fond of it...:) it wasn't a bad place though.

    The coach would be okay. It was further away than i thought. It was a nice trip on the train though...:)

    Well, I am not out in the streets, so i suppose i have much to be grateful for.
    Third time? Well done. I have only done that once...:)

    Are you taking the train down?

    It's a pain in the arse. But i am trying to be philosophical about the whole thing. It is a pain though.
    Of course..:) It'll be a good trip and all that for you. You can go and see the Moz sights during the day. It's like a right of passage..:)

    Nothing sorted yet. Oh well. I am staying calm though..:)
    The Apollo where? Manchester, or london?

    Oh well, i had a shit week to so i can certainly empathise..:)

    I hope you get better soon.
    Well, you got one, which is something.

    How was your week at college/work?

    Are you really ill hun?..:( Are you taking anything for it?
    That's okay..:) I can hardly complain about that..:)

    You got his birthday? Is he playing a gig then? Did you not manage to get any tickets then?

    Sorry to hear about your cold..:(
    Bull-Shit...:) It really is, but there's little point in getting too worked up about it.

    well, i will get credit, because there's a few people i haven't texted for a few months!!!! I know, shocking.

    Have a great sleep hun and hopefully we can speak tomorrow.

    Nighty Night...xxx
    Oh hun..:( Sorry to hear that. It is annoying but there's nothing i can really do about it, so i have to listen to my own B.S. and clam down. I hate it when that happens..:)

    I am sure you'll do fine tomorrow.

    I will text you as soon as i get credit for that phone. I know, it's pretty pathetic..:)
    Hey you...:) I haven't gone yet, but i phone them every day, which is just annoying, but anyway.

    How are you doing?

    Good luck tomorrow...:)
    quite right..:)

    I didn't go today..:) Don't know why i am smiling about it, or using smileys to be more accurate. I got your text, ta, but have no credit, which will be changed in the fullness of time.

    I am doing okay hun, considering. I suppose the positive spin on it would be the longer i am here, then the more often i am on here. Silver lining and all that..:)

    I hope you are well hun.

    Nighty Night, or good day..:)....xxx
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