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    "USA Chart Position" (#7 Billboard Albums, #3 Vinyl Albums) - Morrissey Central; #95 Billboard 200

    #13 in the Official German Top 100 album charts:
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    Chain Gang Progress - Morrissey Central (14th Nov.)

    "fastest rising single in Morrissey's career"? Okay, he's finally given up competing with other artists (charts) and now begins to compete only with himself.
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    Article in The New European "Morrissey Is Dead" by Nicholas Barrett (more nuanced than the headline)

    So "The Queen is Dead" was a pretty tasteless album title because the other Windsors were still alive? And what about the line "London is dead" in "Glamorous Glue"? An entire city with eight Million people dead! What was going on in Morrissey's ugly mind?
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    Morrissey & Damon spotted in Berlin

    Morrissey in the "capital of rape"? Beware!:smirk:
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    Der Spiegel audio "to be released in the next days" - Juliane Liebert tweet

    When the audio is out, there will be a lot of "experts" in this forum, believe me. :smirk:
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    Spex review of Low in High School (German)

    Spex is a left-wing magazine but isn't a good example for the German media in general or would you say "Junge Freiheit" is left wing?
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    Spex review of Low in High School (German)

    Please don't mix up Spex (a left wing music magazine) with Germany in general. Like many other European countries Germany is becoming increasingly divided between left wing and right wing. The old mainstream parties like CDU and SPD were all losing voters in 2017's election.
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    Spex review of Low in High School (German)

    A negative review of LIHS, largely based on Morrissey's polictical views: Translated by "DeepL": Post-The-Smiths Morrissey's swinging to the rhythm of guitars. At Low In High School, he at least also sees himself swinging to new topics...
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    Istanbul postponed

    "Morrissey cancels two gigs in Greece" Istanbul is in Greece!? :crazy:
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    Essen - Colosseum (Nov. 24, 2014) post-show

    Great show tonight! Here's my clip of the stage invasion:
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    Warsaw - Stodola (Nov. 19, 2014) post-show

    Right after the Hamburg incident he played a brilliant show in Düsseldorf so there's still hope for Krakow! ;)
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    TTY - Morrissey statement - Hannover, Germany

    compassionate leave - (military) leave granted in an emergency such as family sickness or death.
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    Support acts for Morrissey?

    Ha, you're right! Maybe she will be kicked from the tour before the first date!:doh: The poster is on her official facebook page.
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