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  • Oh, what you do sounds all super important. Hahah.

    Yeah, yeah. Whenever you come to the US you must come here. It's the best spot in the country. Believe me. I've literally 'zig-zagged all over America' and there's nothing like SOUTHERN California. Northern CA should be another state. It's horrible up there. So bland.

    But yeah, I'm all for being annoyed. :cool:
    I need more than practice. :D

    Well, 'Cole and Cahuenga' is in Los Angeles but i don't live in that area anymore. I moved about half an hour east from there. Most of my family still resides there in LA. I came over here for school like a dumbass.

    I remember you mentioning your work a couple times. What do you do if you don't mind me asking?
    No you don't want to hear it. It's horrible. :D

    I used to have a friend in High School that was an exchange student. I tired conversing with her in the little German I knew. She could never stop laughing. :D

    Have you ever been to the US?
    i was debating making a thread with that make a band name site but i am now thinking ,either today or tomorrow making a thread where those who speak another language other than english let me use the internets to translate what they said,i think it would be hilarious and maybe lead to some international controversies :p
    Well thank you for the vote of confidence. As you can see I've pimped out my profile in readiness, will try and post more in the forums and come hell or high water will make me some friends!
    Hi, no its never me either. I do appear to have done what I usually do though and killed the thread LOL
    Weellll in regards to this forum then yes! I'm sure some of them would view it as the apocalypse!

    As you said forums are war, hence I don't post that often as I'm a pacifist and hence the tin hat (must protect quiffage).

    I often think forums and the internet in general, embolden people to step out of themselves and the results aren't always pretty (sorta like some form of cyber road rage.)

    However it doesn't matter too much because I think I made a new friend! because any friend of my hair is a friend of mine ;)
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