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  • haha i just messaged myself by accident,im stupid haha so i will just cut and paste.

    haah what book is that? oh man i am taking my sweet time and i should be already out the door!
    obama is in boston tonight wooo hooo!!
    yeah its very true,my ex that had the pixie,we dated off and on for 5 years and we would break up and she would know to get my attention again but going and getting the pixie
    cut,i was clay in her hands haha

    damn her.

    i really want some grey salt and naturally dark brown,hoping my old age kicks in after my chemo is done and i get some greys
    haha yes,i do have ot admi i loved how it made her neck look,and again yeah i knew this girl that really liked me and i didnt like her and she went nuts and got a pixie cut,haha
    it looked sooo bad.
    looks are not everything,i mean you have fine someone attractive but that only goes so far,and i think anyways,if you really like someone you find things in them even if you may not consider them your ideal image ,i may have a type when i see someone or im looking at pictures of girls that i post n the pin ups thread but i can honestly say everyone i have dated looked quite different from the others,if i felt i was capable of loving that person then i could date anyone.

    like for example,i love girls with pixie haircuts but only one girl i have ever dated had one:tears::p
    i do not do it on purpose,honestly few would actually even fit into what i say is my "type" like i dont like blondes but two of the three were blondes,they were all atractive but i like to think i like a person for who they are not what they look like.:rolleyes::p

    and anyways,i dont like rules.
    haha i lurk all new friends atleast once and i have a good memory and always recall those taller than me.though i am used to it.most of my friends are and oddly all my long term girfriends were all like 5'9 to 5'11 haha
    every german i have ever met or know has been tall.
    haha you are taller than me i know that,im what one would call a small fry im only like 5'7 im a small person.haha,well with a quiff more like 5'9 hahah
    i will have to see it when i go everywhere,im planing a long trip for next year,like a month or so atleast,just take trains everywhere and see everywhere.
    oh i dont have to try.:rolleyes::p

    the main boston public library is amazing.i go up there at lleast a couple times a monthits a treat.
    i love old books they have a certain feel and smell new books just do not have.
    im gonna be a sexy librarian.hahaha
    no,im joking.
    i like books and feel comfortable in a building filled with books.
    you are working?!?!? what is that like? hah i refuse to work,well no,i got a little part time job as a librarian,i start later in the week.
    im ok,just woke up so im still groggy,i feel ancient haha
    i am reading this ? thread,its astounding,reelie actually sent me a pm a couple days ago and i just ignored it hehe how are you?
    here is the one without the links.:p

    "hmm I mean I have you an answer emial skillfully….are me however not. .auf some from yours emial are safe I believe I in posts drauf in detail….I'm sorry…. .puh this heat. .ich finds always merrily if humans of northern /westlichen hemisphere because of a few warm meet always gleiuch to panic get: " oh God I must absolutely scwimmen to go - I must each warm day utilisation who white how many meet still kommen" and a bad certain if one has then nevertheless nothing makes with dear there apparent did not contain solo member from England me of a MON also over it. more.engländer is different….that probably lies I am not creative for everything over 25 degrees… eh I may do you again a radix complement ausprechen your photos to see unbelievably madly out. in glad expectation on new;.) sista"

    it got so bad and lazy and didnt even translate some of the words.:rolleyes::p
    is sistersheila drunk or speaking in tongues,that does not look like english to me.:p

    only a little like? thats just too bad,for you.:rolleyes::D
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