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  • i may have been busy,i am sorry for that,i will try and keep a better eye on things from now on,wil you forgive me?
    i would then say maybe its a good idea to find someone new haha
    just do it all yourself,i always had a lot of respect for those types that wrote and played everything themselves
    i love playing,i just never got into it as a creative thing,i cant write anything original musically but i love playing,i can play guitar,bass and i had 6 years of violin when iwas a child,do you play or just sing and write lyrics,he suonds like a stiff.
    i was not talking about you! i was talking aboutthe typical lesbian body builder hahaha
    anyways..hows the music creating going?
    i taught myself the headmast ritual on my 12 string rickenbacker today,see its not like i do nothing all day hahah
    i do not even want my female friends to be body builders hahaha :p some do have bigger boobz ut they are surgically enhanced,so its cheating.:rolleyes::p
    hahaha well i am just saying they look good,and yeah you get them for yourself but you would also want them to look good,haha i just imagined you as a female weightlifter and it gave me the chills and i may have puked a little in my mouth
    yikes!! you need ot change that pronto,i met a girl recently,very cute,but she has some blonde hair but i think she is cute beause she has sleeves started,i think that is my other weakness wit h the ladies.haha
    maybe i should forward her profile to you and get your opinion haha
    we are supposed ot go on a bike ride date in a few weeks
    haahah hush! for a lot of it i went out onto the porch and listened to the sounds of the storm and the smells,i love the smell of grass when trains.yeah i cant wait to have full,colored sleeves,it will be many do you have?
    well,its hard to really count as they are turning into sleeves but i would say so far like 8? a good artist is key.obvs,yeah i have drawn most of mine myself . i have ot wait till the fall for all the chemo chemicals to be out of my body before i cant get more work done as i could easliy get an infection.,i had three hours straight yesterday of thunder and lightning storms,jealous?
    oh i got you,well,i have not wanted to take pics lately,i feel ugly without my hair haha,gimme a few months and i will be again i am sure haha i have learned to do what morrissey has been doing,just use old pics

    marriage is a very scary thought and idea,it gives me a shiver.
    done anything fun lately?
    haah but see i have ot believe you becuase a friend of mine dated this girl for liek three weeks nad was soooo against it and then he called me one day telling me he had married the person.haha so i am always in fear!!

    camwhoring? what are you implying? i started,yes and its fun,i get to be online the whole time practicalyl so its good haha
    im okay,im trying ot entertain myself and usually it works out just fine but tonight is a wee bit boring,and you are insane haha
    marriage ??! yikes . but congrats haha
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