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    US Tour Dates out

    Oakland is ga floor and assigned balcony. Shrine is seated......
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    US Tour Dates out

    Got presale passwords for SD and Oakland in my inbox today, yay......
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    BTW, for anyone who jus thinks that he is sick or something. He was spotted at Amoeba Records in Hollywood a couple of hours ago just shopping for music. He is perfectly fine, sure doesnt make him look good right now does it.
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    Moz just played This Charming man!!!!!

    Umm everyone had their cell phones. I couldve called anyone and they wouldve heard it, its nothign special to get yoru cell phone into a tvp taping. They will just get mad at you if you try to take a photo with your phone.
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    Morrissey "mini-show" on Carson Daly - October 10

    No, they usually do nto air the same night. And they usually tell you that night when you are there when it airs.
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    tonight and thurs cancelled

    Alright, I am pissed. I was going tomorrow, and I cannot go on the 8th or 9th due to show conflicts. There goes that, why didnt they say tickets were honorable to the rest of the nights instead of just those? Like it matters how much its worth ya know? and now because another show I was going to...
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    new Radiohead album in 10 days!!!...sorta....

    Nobody is getting it early. Nobody even knew this was going down until Sunday afternoon. Every magazine thats going to review it has to change their deadlines and whatnot to publish it.
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    new Radiohead album in 10 days!!!...sorta....

    More details The album is called IN RAINBOWS. You can buy the album in two formats: discbox or download. The discbox version comes with TWO CD's, TWO vinyl discs, as well as the download. This costs 40 pounds, or about $81. The...
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    Morrissey "mini-show" on Carson Daly - October 10

    They are, look at your ''eticket'' and on that page it has the transfer button and it will tell you what to do. I have an extra for this.
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    LA Shows: FOTL package deal.. Sooo..

    Ummmmm, line up whenever the hell you want. I am sure there will be a designated area for front of the line people. TM has no obligation to tell you when to line up, they gave you your tickets, they gave you everything thats needed for the shows so the rest is up to you.
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    WANTED~ 1 Carson Daly tix

    Well I got one, so PM me.
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    Morrissey Press Conference

    Just set your tivo to some entertainent channel to record it, it will be on youtube within 2 hours of it finishing.
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    The Fillmore Poster

    The Fillmore makes posters for every concert put on, they had them out afterwards and only one per person. Odds are some extras will make it to amoeba Music in the bay and in so cal eventually. That gets factored into the cost of a ticket there too because of it. The Palladium might have...
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