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  • Damn... you should have said you were ''up norf'' would have shown you around.
    Yes Tess has gone quiet, she's there all the time, but like you, just likes to read these days.....she's had her fair share of nutters too!

    Thanks for the belated birthday wishes darling!

    Wish I had known you were away as I spent last Saturday night at The Half Moon looking out for you!...oh well...I'm sure our paths will cross again soon enough!

    Thanks again darling...have a nice week! :)

    Love Alma xxx
    Oh I got excited then...I thought you meant Bounty as in the delicious coconut based chocolate bar...I would love a free bag of those...nappies?..well been there done that!!

    I have been popping in and out too...mainly out! But as regards my journalistic endevours I have hung up my quill for good darling!

    Love Alma xxx

    ps you need to click on my profile before you message me this way...otherwise your reply ends up on YOUR profile! Geddit?! All very complicated..."if it ain't broke don't fix it" etc etc!!!
    I am indeed great thank you.

    I know work for ANOTHER company - you may have heard of them when you had children, free Bounty packs etc...

    Good to hear you are well. I havent been that prolific on here, works been busy. Although the abuse and therefore ironically the Quality of thread seems to have deteriotated, my interest level has slightly dropped off! Weird.
    Yep...back in the fold...but not nearly as PROLIFIC as before!

    All is indeed well at Chez Alma!...hope you too are fine and dandy?

    Love Alma xxx
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