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    Kraftwerk at Museum of Modern Art in NYC

    Dime has the complete 'Trans Europe Express' show - uncompressed HD Video files -15Gbs worth Filmed from the front and great quality. There's a lot of pretty good HD clips on youtube as well
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    TUTORIAL: How To Download From Smithstorrents

    there's a mac version of uTorrent too now
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    Complete the list !

    mine is #0419, which I picked up in Amsterdam in 1985 and managed to get it signed on the cover by Morrissey later that year
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    26 shows - 2 recordings

    ... and the chickens come home to roost
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    Flac vs. Mp3 debate

    you really are a obnoxious self-important idiot aren't you. These 'precious recordings' are the source of everything you upload here. If you piss off the people who record the shows, they won't upload them anymore. Personally I think it's inevitable that things will get converted to...
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    Flac vs. Mp3 debate

    You seem to have missed my point. The MP3 vs Flac thing is almost a secondary thing. You are being rude and ungreatful, and deliberately antagonistic to these people. You should not be surprised therefore, when they decide not to share things with you anymore. The FM thing is almost comic...
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    Flac vs. Mp3 debate

    it seems ironic that someone who complains so vociferously about the quality of an old FM recording, is at the same time saying we should ignore the quality difference between lossless and lossy files. When the Smiths stuff was recorded, there was only cassette tape and the post. Each time a...
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