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    Here we go again another fake

    Sorry to disappoint you, but the brown "The Youngest Is The Most Loved" and the clear "Let Me Kiss You" are bootleg reproductions that appeared on the market a few years after the initial single release. The only real thing is the clear "Irish Blood, English Heart" which is a US 7" (whereas the...
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    I've been told that the discussion about discolouration has come up again. It is settled. Two collectors who like me used to hang around here but not anymore have each run their experiment, one with SHWC and the other with GIAC. One took two identical GIAC, left one in the window and the other...
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    The Smiths' very first press release from Rough Trade - @vivahate72

    A bit of background on this item: This is a press release that came with promo copies of "Hand In Glove". The bottom of the page is missing in this photo, it was cropped out by the photographer. From the collectors appendix for "Hand In Glove" on "Passions Just Like Mine": UK 7" - 1983 promo +...
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    Collectors who don't post here anymore....sadly

    Yes I do. Send me an email via my webpage (link below) and I will send it to you by private email.
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    Collectors who don't post here anymore....sadly

    Was it photos of the front and back of sleeves and of the labels? If so, that would be Michael Mahan.
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    As arranged by "Passions Just Like Mine" which tours have you attended?

    You two are delusional if you really believe what you are stating. I used to be a completist collector and I am still in constant contact with the biggest collectors out there. That's where the bulk of information on PJLM comes from. I also have recordings of 90% of the shows up to 2011 when...
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    quick question about Asleep on this tour

    Re: Asleep
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    Cartel promo poster variations

    The Cartel was the distribution company for Rough Trade Records and other British indies at the time. They have nothing to do with the posters. They are just credited on them. Most of the posters with a white border are reproductions, not originals. You can view all official posters in the...
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    Bigmouth 7" White Label Test Pressing

    I now understand that the anonymous poster at the top of this thread confused the info for the stock 7" with that of the test pressing. That's why I replied thinking he/she was talking about a stock copy with solid centre. Of course all test pressings have solid centres. Yours is not unique...
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    Bigmouth 7" White Label Test Pressing

    Actually, it states that all copies have a push-out centre, not they are all punched out. I don't expect it to be much more valuable than the more common variation, only because there doesn't seem to be that much demand for this type of thing. But then again, if the timing is good and the...
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    Whatever happened to

    He told me last month that he hasn't given up on VulgarPicture and still intends to update it at some point. I for one am not going to blame him for taking a break.
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    The Smiths Rock Band 3

    You misread the information. There are 7 multi-tracks for "This Charming Man" and 14 for "Stop Me...". Each is a different part of the song (guitar, bass, drum, vox, snare, keys, etc), they are not instrumentals. By playing all the tracks related to a song together, you get a rough unproduced...
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    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business" info and tracklisting (July 2014) -

    Re: Release information and tracklisting for Morrissey's new album, World Peace Is None Of Your Busi Three of those five new songs are already b-sides: That leaves just Scandinavia and Art-Hounds.
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    Morrissey 2048

    Great! I made it to Ringleader on my first try. It's harder this way and I'm finding myself using different strategy than with numbers...
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