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    Morrissey-solo 20 years old today (Feb. 12, 2017)

    Already 20 years? Remember I got Internet access in 1997 and one of my first findings was this site. Long time since then... happy anniversary!
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    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    WPINOYB versions Found this nice Argentinian version of WPINOYB (below) - compared to the EU standard version (above)
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    Collectors who don't post here anymore....sadly

    As seen on Twitter, thanks to @vivahate72
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    Ah finally, have seen the poster today at eBay for the first time! Good to see that at least something is out - couldn't see anything in the stores, was pleased that they had the discs themselves (though Saturn had the standard CD promoted in their current offers). Are these subway posters? (Can...
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    World peace 10" single

    They are limited to 1.000 copies worldwide. All of them are made in USA, including the ones that were sold in Europe. Only in the US they are numbered by hand an contain a round, orange sticker and a voucher worth $2.
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    WPINOYB Promo Cd

    Yes, but it's an edited version 3:19
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    WPINOYB Promo Cd

    Sorry, damn, I don't know why some browsers give that virus alert.... Maybe it's due to java used or the HTML Guard software. Any help from an expert is highly appreciated...
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    UK chart position, day one (#2) -

    I couldn't see a proper marketing campaign, at least here in Germany. Not one printed review in the big music papers, no ads - will all hopefully happen at the end of this month, but this is too late. Sign of the times to release tracks as DL in advance, ok, but 4 of them? No physical single...
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    "Istanbul" chart update -

    There is no thing as 'college radio' here! The 'Campus charts' - as written on the a.m. website - are only the choice of listeners to a few local radio stations (online participation possible, too) "Jede Woche neu. Mitmachen kann jeder: Einfach anmelden und die Favoriten anklicken - jede...
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    "Istanbul" chart update -

    As a German, I've never heard of the charts that 'Istanbul' is supposed to top. There is only one official sales chart (which is crap). All the others, inclusive iTunes chart, are more or less 'private' and do not mirror anything relevant.
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    Release Date of "Wilde About Morrissey"

    I bought in in April 1988, as already stated it has no 'release date' on it.
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    Looking for You Are the Quarry Russian Cassette

    I recently saw a picture of it, but it was not offered....
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    Kevin Cummins Morrissey and The Smiths this postcard box set

    Can only second that, nice set. If I remember correctly its £25.
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    Vauxhall, Southpaw & Maladjusted vinyls?

    Vinyl exchange has a nice Morrissey-signed LP for £200 but I fear that isn't a help at all...
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