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    On the topic of M&M vs. Joyce and Rourke. Can someone clarify this?

    ThreeStrangeDays, Rourke and Joyce claimed they didnt know about the 40/40/10/10 split. Mozz and Marr claimed that they did. Unfortunately I think a lot of M&M's evidence ended up being hearsay evidence, for example accounts of Joyce speaking in a kitchen at a party about the 40/40/10/10...
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    Noise is the Best Revenge and I'm Playing Easy to Get

    The lyrics in Im Playing Easy To Get are beautiful. Some of his best in years I think. Shame they never recorded it for an album properly, its a terrific song. Was anyone on here there when he played it live? Must have sounded good.
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    Hollywood Bowl Setlist

    Just looking at the setlist for Hollywood bowl on the front page, this is surely one of the best setlists of Mozz's solo career? Really shows the variety in his canon, mixing some old Smiths favourites, old and more contemporary solo favourites as well as the new stuff which is now really...
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    Jo Brand writing a book about Morrissey fans

    Apologies if its cropped up on here before. Was reading one of those 'Last week I...watched/listened to/read' sections in the media section in The Independent on monday and under the 'Last week I read' section she put "Im writing a book about Morrissey fans at the moment so ive been reading a...
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    Ringleader; your final verdict...

    I Will See You In Far Off Places - 8 Dear God, Please Help Me - 7 You Have Killed Me - 8 The Youngest Was The Most Loved - 6 In The Future When Alls Well - 8 The Father Who Must Be Killed - 7 Life Is A Pigsty - 9 I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now - 7 On The Streets I Ran - 5 To Me You...
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    Joe Moss

    When did he leave the Smiths entourage? Watching some obscure YouTube video last night (cant find the link now, will recover it when I get home) and Marr said the day 'so-and-so' (obviously Moz) inclined that it was time to get rid of Joe, the implication being it was because he was getting...
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    Advice on mixed CD

    I agree, I dont think they are amongst their best either, but closest to the other songs she liked. But as you said, I should really pick different songs to display how versatile they were musically. Fair enough point.
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    Old Trafford

    What are you talking about? Munich, Heysel and especially Hillsborough get remembered every year. Thats the problem with minutes silences, if you give one event a minutes silence people start asking questions when another doesnt get one. The FA should stop telling clubs when to have minutes...
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    Advice on mixed CD

    Hello there. Was asked to make a CD by a friend who is interested in The Smiths. Just looking for some advice, based on the ones she has liked thus far, which you think are in similar vain to. She likes Panic and Girlfriend In A Coma. Can you think of any Smiths songs which you think are...
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    Morrissey - ?questionable?

    That would make sense after seeing this, the single endorsed and presumably created by the makers of that site: One of the funniest things ive seen in ages. It cant be real!
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    Uncut Special

    I went into One Stop (conveniance store thing in England) to buy a twix and some flying saucers when I stumbled across this issue of Uncut. Havent got round to reading it yet but looks quite in depth when I had a flick through. If it is the March edition, as it says on the front, why is it on...
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    ROTT...Your Final Verdict?

    I think ROTT lacks the oustanding singles that YATQ had, nothing on it quite reaches the chart busting levels (quality wise) of First Of The Gang or Irish Blood, English Heart (one of his best solo songs ever IMO) but overall I think ROTT is a better album. I like the atmosphere and texture...
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    Pink Floyd

    I'd say that's a perfect summing up, to be honest. Excellently put. I agree completely re: differences and similarities. The Teachers Are Afraid of The Pupils is a little Pink Floyd like, although actuslly a weak song IMO. In any event, I agree that Pink Floyd are/were a terrific band...
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    Single 1 liner......

    Not sure I can pick just one to sum up 'my life', but I always adored: "Your prejudice wont keep you warm tonight" from What Difference Does It Make.
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