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    Will we ever get another "gentle" Moz album?

    I would seriously not mind a Vauxhall & I part 2 at all. I'm hoping for a reprise of that fantastic atmosphere in the production on any new albums of his.
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    The Smiths meets Hip Hop

    Love this! Would be great to hear even more of the same with other Smiths/Moz-samples if you've got the time. Very relaxing and fresh. You've got yourself a new fan here! :)
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    Striptease With A Difference (Revelation: no skip)

    Re: Striptease With A Difference (Revelation) [No Skip] Great, thank you!
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    4 February 1983 - The Smiths Hacienda (DVD rip)

    Re: 1983 4th February - The Smiths - The Hacienda (DVD RIP) Thank you!
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    Unloading my (modest) vault of Smiths/Morrissey unreleased versions

    Sounds like a great idea Dizzy! Would be really nice to have it all in one place.
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    PARIS Le Zénith 12/11/2009

    Thank you for sharing this! :)
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    Unloading my (modest) vault of Smiths/Morrissey unreleased versions

    Thank you so much for this! Hope there is even more!
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    Long excerpt from James Maker's forthcoming book - very morrissey-related

    Thank you for taking the time and posting this! A great read.
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    Lifeguard On Duty & Happy Lovers United on upcoming bootleg LP

    Thank you so much motorways! You've made my day! (and week and month and etc. :))
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    Morrissey revelation LP

    Yes, I know that the demos/songs exist with vocals, but as someone mentioned earlier (probably in one of the other Revelations-threads though) this vinyl could still (at least theoretically) include unfinished versions of the songs or be a scam until we've heard the actual songs. Let's just hope...
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    Morrissey revelation LP

    Haha, spot on! :thumb: I think I'll wait and see if it's genuine before buying a copy. I'm not too keen on just instrumental versions etc.
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    Echo Arena - 6th Nov

    Haha, thank you! Edit: Kind of touching when the Morrissey-chanting sets in.
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