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    Official Facebook NYC dates have been postponed

    Morrissey’s NYC Concerts to be Postponed to a later date - As New York City has now prohibited all events with audiences of more than 500 people from taking place due to the CoronaVirus pandemic….. Morrissey’s launch concerts for his new I’m Not a Dog on a Chain album release, set for The...
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    will NYC happen?

    Live Nation Planning to Pause All Tours Due to Coronavirus
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    Manhattan Today - Morrissey Central

    Yep, that has been there for years. My friend works across from it.
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    TQID live pro-shot video?

    I looked on youtube and didn't see one (so I assume it doesn't exist) but is there a live pro-shot video performance of the Smiths playing The Queen Is Dead? Maybe from a tv show or something? Thanks!
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    carnegie play by play

    Moz did carry the boy out in his left arm, similar to cover of YOR. It was cool!
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    carnegie play by play

    Oh and the "security" provided by Carnegie Hall were not prepared for this and they over reacted way too much.
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    carnegie play by play

    There was no backdrop and they projected the video before the band on the wall behind the band equipment. Overall a great show! I bought one of the signed YOR lps.
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    Roll Call: Webster Hall (NY)

    A great show tonight!! I met some great people from the Philly area! I ended up one person from the rail in front of Moz. So tired... one more tomorrow night... Also, does anyone else think Moz will play the Ellen show? I hope he does!!
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    Roll Call: Webster Hall (NY)

    Webster Hall is North and East of the Holland tunnel (125 East 11th street). I haven't driven down that far in Manhattan so I can't give you the best driving directions to the show. I googled "parking garage webster hall new york" and got the location for Champion Parking at 220 East 9th...
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    Roll Call: Webster Hall (NY)

    What time are people going to line up for the show? I want to get there early but not too early and I want a good spot on the rail. I will be alone.
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    Carnegie Hall

    I got my Carnegie Hall ticket in the mail today, that was FAST!!!!!
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    so who are the slimy bastards that got presale tickets

    Hey, I am in the Pearl Jam fan club as well, and I got 1st row tickets to Camden night two last summer!!! I was right in front of Mike and I got his set list for the encore! I do like the way the 10c does tickets for the shows but buying tickets through their website can be hard because their...
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    Years Of Refusal Vinyl in the US?

    I missed that, THANKS!!! :)
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    NYC - here you go

    How fast do you think these shows will sell out?
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    Years Of Refusal Vinyl in the US?

    I looked online and I couldn't find a place in the USA that was selling Years of Refusal on vinyl. Is it too early for sites to list this? Or do you think it's going to be really hard to get here?
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