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  • Oh, I only noticed this message today.
    He was there alone. He went to the afterparty and left around midnight to take a taxi. He walked up to the underground station and saw people running around like crazy. Car windows broken, garbage bins in the street and then he saw that the window of Foot Locker was already smashed and that they were trying to break the one of the Vodaphone shop next to it. By then he had realised that he needed to get away from there as fast as possible. He walked back to the afterparty club and then somebody pushed him from behind and he fell hard on his knee. To keep the story as short as possible, he broke his kneecap and it took me 3 days in total to arrange his transport back to Belgium. A lot of phone calls and a lot of stress. He had the operation meanwhile and he is safely home. The thing he regrets most however is not being able to attend the Palladium concert :)
    Thanks your concern and again sorry for not noticing this message earlier.
    Hello! What happened that night??? I knew some american fans in the end of the show, and they told me they were going to an after party in a bar near stockwell road. You were there too??? When it was near midnight i was arriving earls court tube station, so i was lucky to avoid those nasty guys.:squiffy: Hope your boyfriend gets better soon. Cheers! :straightface:
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